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A very useful tool that is used in homes as well as by businesses. There are a few different options with the Singer sewing machine line. This is the most famous brand in the world for sewing machines. The price of Singer sewing machines can be from the lower to mid-range.


The Singer brand

In Pakistan, Singer is the most famous brand when it comes to sewing machines. The brand originates in the USA and was established in 1851. Singer is owned by SVP Worldwide, which owns two other sewing machine making brands; Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff.

What machine suits you

Singer has multiple models one can choose from. The standard one is the older sewing machine that has a black body with baroque gold leaves painted on it. The other style is the more modern version which is made from plastics and has a white or grey shell. The modern one also has more kinds of stitches it can do due to the fact that it is a computerised machine.


Which Singer sewing machine you chose is a matter of what you need for your home or business and the budget you have set.

The prices of these sewing machines depend on the model you choose, with the prices ranging from the lower to mid point.

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