Sk Fans Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sk Fans in Pakistan is Rs. 6,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 12,170.


The cooling fan manufacturers Shareef Khursheed Industries sell ceiling, bracket, exhaust and solar fans under the name SK Fans. They started the 1980s in Pakistan with developing high quality and reliable home appliances and electric fans. They specialise in selling spare parts for fan maintenance and repair.


The important components of a cooling fan are the high-quality electric motor used to power the mechanism, a strong and durable housing, fan blades with secure iron holders attached to the back. Ceiling fans will have a mounting rod, wall bracket fans will have a sideways mount to attach to walls. The SK Fans are designed with decorative elements including wood finish, antique finish, motifs and colour combinations that make the fan an attractive home appliance. 

Bracket & Mega Bracket Fan

The easiest and cheapest solution to cooling a small room is buying one or two wall fans as they have excellent airflow range and are power efficient. These affordable and easy to install fans will be able to provide much-needed ventilation.

Exhaust Fans

There are two kinds of exhaust fans available at SK Fans, one made with metal and the other with plastic. Exhaust fans are easy to install directly into the wall with the outside facing an open space to bring back fresh cool air into the home while removing the stale air from inside. Especially useful in the kitchen and bathroom both of which collect unwanted moisture that results in paint peeling, fungus, dampness and seepage. 

Solar Fans

SK Fans provides clean and environmentally friendly alternatives to standard electric fan systems. They are charged by the sunlight being absorbed into the solar panel that comes with the fan. The solar panel can directly provide solar electricity to the Solar Pedestal Fan. There are three types of models available with solar energy in Magnum Cream, Gray and White.

Pedestal Fans

The traditional pedestal fans are also available that run on electricity and have adjustable rotation. There are different speeds and an adjustable height is also possible. The three kinds of models available in Dark Mashroom, TCP Fan and Black. 

Price List

Model Price
SK Ceiling Fan Antique Water Proof 56 Inch Rs. 11,776
SK Exhaust Fan Metal Square 10 Inch Rs. 9,150
SK Ceiling Fan Antique Plus 4 Blade 56 Inch Rs. 12,887
SK Ceiling Fan Caroma Plus Inverter 56 Inch Rs. 15,109
SK Exhaust Fan Metal Round 16 Inch Rs. 10,766
SK Ceiling Fan VIP Standard 56 Inch Rs. 10,564
SK Ceiling Fan Caroma Plus 56 Inch Rs. 13,089
SK Pedestal Fan Rs. 12,500
SK Ceiling Fan Supreme Gold 56 Inch Rs. 10,059
SK Fix Fan 21 Inch Rs. 11,877
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