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The best price of Skateboard in Pakistan is Rs. 449 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,684.


Skateboards are a simple piece of equipment, using human energy to propel them. The sport has no rules and a skater can do it how they please, making for individual appeal. The range of skateboards is endless with different designs and slight variations in form factor. The prices are just as varied, depending on the quality and brand of the skateboard.


Individual expression on wheels

Skateboarding started in California in the 1950s, it gained popularity as it was similar to surfing. For a while, it was even called 'sidewalk surfing'. The initial skateboards were made by attaching skates to a plank. As the sport became more popular by the late 1950s, companies started producing skateboards. The boards evolved over time with a race to make more durable and lighter skateboards. Skateboarding is an individualistic sport, there is no correct or incorrect way of doing it. The sport does not have a body governing the rules and new tricks are invented regularly by skaters. The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 is the first time that skateboarding appeared at the Olympics. Tony Hawk is regarded as one of the best ever and also one of the most well-known skaters in the history of skateboarding, with videogames made under his name.

Basics on the skateboard

A type of sports equipment used for skateboarding, skateboards are made of layers of plywood and then covered in thick varnish for durability with wheels attached on the underside. A person uses one leg to kick-propel themselves on flat surfaces and in a half-pipe they would need to use their leg structure to pump. Turning is achieved by leaning sideways, the way the wheels are attached it makes them bend a bit to change direction. The board required is dependent on what kind of skating is to be done, for tricks and skateparks the shortboard is used. For cruising and racing the longboard is the choice, able to achieve faster speeds. Street art has been a big part of the skating culture which is why a lot of boards also have interesting art on the underside or even the top at times. Though generally, the top has mostly been a sandpaper-like grip to enhance the skating experience.

Safety first

The nature of skateboarding means there are a lot of chances of taking a fall. One should not skate without a helmet, wrist guards to support the wrists during a fall, elbow pads and knee pads. The shoes one wears are also important, they should be closed shoes with good grip and laces tied well. The area of skating should also be safe, cars or people could be a hazard. Learning to roll at a fall or land on your hanches would also help.

Skateboards are available at various prices depending on brands, the top known brands include Powell-Peralta, Element, Real Skateboards, Moose Deck, Baker Brand and Bamboo Skateboards. 

Price List

Model Price
Skateboard 27" Large Wood for Teens Adults Beginn… Rs. 1,650
Skateboard Cartoon Graphic Prints Skate Board For… Rs. 1,199
High Quality Pure Wood Skate Board For Boys And G… Rs. 899
Tokyo Ghoul Anime DIY Sticker Water Proof Decal V… Rs. 449
Sports City 22 Citrus Orange Skateboard Rs. 1,999
Skateboards For Adults Youths Teens Kids Girls Bo… Rs. 1,195
ToysRus Wooden Skate Board Medium Rs. 1,850
Skateboard 27" Large Wood for Teens Adults Beginn… Rs. 1,650
Skate Board For Boys & Girls Skating 17 Inch Rs. 1,099
M Toys Wooden Skate Board - Large (TR1752017) Rs. 3,884
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