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The best price of Slice Juice in Pakistan is Rs. 404 and estimated average price is Rs. 715.


A refreshing drink on a hot summer day is something every child and adult enjoys. The Slice Juice is one of the fruit-flavoured soft drinks manufactured by PepsiCo Pakistan. Tropicana is also part of Pepsi Co roster of fruit-drinks that has become very popular over the years.


Fruit Drink

Slice is made from carefully selected mangoes and is available in 1-liter packaging that is easy to share with 4-6 people for lunch or dinner gatherings. The single-serving 250 ml buddy pack is ideal for children and can be stored in the home for months. 

The Tropicana Slice has been introduced into the market as a tasty and healthy drink that ensures consumers will have some nutritional benefit from the fruit-drink. It is advertised as 100% pure juice extracted from real fruit pulp. Tropicana is currently selling their fruit pulp versions in 250 ml packing only.

Flavours of Slice

There are other flavours available in Slice that include orange sold as Kinnow, Guava which has a thick consistency and creamy texture. The Apple flavour is light and silky, great for a hot sunny day at the park. The most popular flavour is Chausa that is the original mango flavour of Pakistan. Chausa is a kind of mango from Pakistan that has a sweeter taste in comparison to other kinds of mangoes. It is ideal as a drink because of its natural sweetness which ensures that less artificial sweetener is used in the final recipe. 

Mocktails & Other Recipes 

Slice Juice can be used to make exciting cocktails and mocktails at home by adding carbonated tonic water, mixing various other flavours of juice and adding milk and yoghurt to make smoothies. The traditional Pakistani fruit chart that is a mix of various fruits and spices can be sweetened with Slice Juice instead of sugar saving you excess calories. Because mangoes are not available all year and have a particular season when they can bought fresh from the market, adding mango juice to fruit chart ensures you won't miss any chance to have your favourite home recipe exactly how its suppose to be. 

Price List

Model Price
Slice Mango Juice Tetra Pack 200 Ml Pack Of 24 Rs. 810
Slice 200ml - Pack Of 24 Rs. 800
Slice Mango Juice 200ml x 24pcs Case Rs. 642
Slice 200ml - Pack Of 24 Rs. 800
Slice Mango Juice 200ml Tetra Pack, 24 Pieces Rs. 720
Slice Mango 200ml (Pack of 24) Rs. 600
Slice Mango Juice 1 Liter Bottle, 6 Pieces Rs. 720
Slice Mango Juice Tetra Pack 200 Ml Pack Of 24 Rs. 810
Slice Juice 1 Liter Bottle (pack Of 6) Rs. 1,020
Roses Lime Juice Cordial 730ml Rs. 404
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