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The best price of Smart Bracelet in Pakistan is Rs. 10,490 and estimated average price is Rs. 27,895.


Smart bracelets are essential simpler smartwatches. A smart bracelet can perform the basic functions of smartwatches such as health and sleep tracking. The price is a lot less than a smartwatch, which makes this an ideal option for someone who has basic needs and a tight budget.


Smart Bracelet

In the modern age of wearables, one has many options such as the Apple Watch, Huawei Watch, Samsung Gear or Fitbit. There is the slight drawback that a lot of the better models are quite costly. This leaves one to opt for smart bracelets which may have lesser features but do serve the main purposes of a smartwatch. These smart bracelets are also a lot sleeker on the wrist, as they are much slimmer devices.

Brands & possible features

There are a lot of brands that produce smart bracelets or smart bands as they are also called. These brands include Fitbit, Xiaomi Mi, Huawei, Samsung and Honor. Smart bracelets in comparison to smartwatches cost a fraction. The functions naturally are a lot fewer but if fitness tracking is your main concern this is the product for you.

The features of a smart bracelet usually include a fitness tracking system that keeps you informed about the number of steps via a pedometer and also tells one about their sleep. Heart rate tracking is also common, but different workouts such as cycling or swimming cannot be tracked by all models. Still an ample amount of options have these abilities. Certain models also have an SpO2 Monitor to keep a check on the oxygen saturation level of the blood.

The screens on bands are either simpler dot-matrix based ones, making for a basic colourless display or AMOLED variants. The latter has better graphics and is a coloured display. Interacting with your display is a touch-based system. The touch interface can be used as a remote for your smartphone camera or to change the songs playing in the media app too.

A smart bracelet also informs you about incoming calls with a display of the contact calling you, one can answer calls through some of them directly as well. Or for instance, a feature that Huawei has in their TalkBand 3 that allows the screen component to pop out of the strap and work as a Bluetooth earpiece. Messages are also displayed for you to read, but one would still need to take out their smartphone to reply. This does, however, give you a way to filter important calls and messages. This same mechanism even lets you see your reminders.

There are different levels of water-resistance or proofing, some have a higher IPX rating and can be worn while swimming while others can only handle a splash.

Many of these smart bracelets also have a track-your-smartphone option which makes your device ring so you can find it.


There are multiple apps that one can install in their smartphone which is where all the health and sleep tracking is logged. Smart bracelets have an app from the brand that produced it, which one can download through their relevant app store. 


One can choose a smart bracelet based on their needs given all these possible features between different brands. The other criteria for choice is the budget, although there are smaller differences in prices and most of these smart bracelets are available at affordable rates.

This is a very useful device for elder people to keep track of their health. The device can warn them when their heart rate is spiking which could be a reminder that saves you.

Price List

Model Price
W Ss Case White Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet Rs. 34,425
C1 Smart Bracelet, Bluetooth Calling, Waterproof … Rs. 10,490
W 23 38Mm Two-Tone Case Mop Dial Bracelet Rs. 38,675
Amazfit X Smart Watch Water-Resistant Pedometer S… Rs. 27,990
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