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The best price of Sofa Covers in Pakistan is Rs. 1,299 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,892.


The sofa slipcover is designed to be a cost-effective substitute to either replacing old furniture or changing upholstery. For those looking to hide old stains, dated ugly upholstery from hand me down or second-hand furniture bought on a budget. A couch cover can transform an ugly sofa into a beautiful fresh piece of furniture.


Effective & Stylish

Sofa covers are an inexpensive solution to freshening up and protective furniture upholstery by covering it entirely with a well-fitted cover. It saves expensive furniture from stains and damage due to young children or pets. They are easy to install as the sofa cover is measured to fit your sofa like a glove, the polyester blended material has enough stretch to really fit your sofa perfectly. Also sold under the name slipcovers,  loose cover or couch covers, there are many different styles, colours, textures and pattern designs to suit every kind of household or office space. 

Sofa Size 

Sofas sets can have a range of styles, shapes and sizes. The regular standard sofa will be anywhere between 72 inches or 6 to 8 feet long with 32 to 40 inches deep seat. The smaller sofa, double seater commonly known as loveseat will be 4 to 6 feet long with a 28 to 30 inches seat.

Kinds of Furniture Covers

The sofa covers available online are also available in designs meant to cover dining chairs and single-seater sofas armchairs. The adjustable elastic straps and seat anchors are excellent in making sure there is not unwanted ugly slippage of the cover while it's being used. When covers are so close to the sofa that they are firmly in place it makes them easier to clean immediately. There are also stylish recliner covers that are specially designed for the various moveable sections of the chair. The various covers are sold separately and are usually not available in a set. 

Blended Fabric

These covers are considered highly resistant to stains ensuring that when any kind of spillage or accident happens it can be cleaned instantly saving your original upholstery from any long-lasting damage. There are also polyester-cotton blends that are popular as the fabric remains durable and stretchy because of the polyester and slip-resistant and breathable because of the cotton. These are easier to clean and iron as the cotton absorbs heat well without becoming static or shrinking. The polyester ensures that the slipcover remains wrinkle-free and looks smooth when on the sofa set.  

Polyester Material 

The polyester or spandex or twill blend couch cover will not easily fade after regular washing as it absorbs colour dye very fast and strong. The close-knit weave of the polyester protects expensive sofa skins from stubborn cat and dog fur, as a roller can effectively peel off any excess leaving it fresh. The machine-washable quality of polyester is better than pure cotton as it dries faster making it more convenient to use in the long run. Unlike cotton sheets and linen, the polyester fabric is resistant to shrinking and will not easily tear when overused. 

Design Philosophy 

There are variations to the plain solid colour design as some covers will have quilted patterns or different fabric patchwork into the design such as corduroy, velvet, leather and suede. These various textures can make it even better at being anti-slip and perfectly tailored to the sofa. Sofa covers are meant to look like the original upholstery which is why they are available in stylish and fashionable designs without compromising on functionality and practicality.  

Price List

Model Price
6 Dining Chair Cover Set Elastic Fitted Solid Co… Rs. 1,999
Jersey Fabric (3+2+1+1) 7 Seater Sofa Cover Jumbo… Rs. 3,490
5 Seater Sofa Cover- 3+1+1 - Jumbo Size - Cotton … Rs. 3,500
Sofa Coat/Cover 5 Seater Maroon Rs. 3,500
Sofa Covers 2 Seater Sofa Cover Jersey Cotton ( U… Rs. 2,999
Non Slippery Fitted Sofa Covers for 7 Seater - (3… Rs. 3,275
Light Grey Sofa Cover 6 (3+3) Seater Rs. 3,000
Jersey Sofa Cover (7 Seater) Light Gray Color (3+… Rs. 3,799
Bed Rock Brown Quilted Sofa Cover Set Rs. 1,950
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