Sofa Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sofa in Pakistan is Rs. 69 and estimated average price is Rs. 41,538.


Online shopping ensures you make selections without wasting precious time in physically visiting multiple stores. There are readily available options for several sectional sofas sets great for larger families or a great addition to a home entertainment lounge.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to find and select

  • Save time and energy browsing hundreds of designs in minutes


  • Availability of the product depends on the seller

  • Can be costly to transport to remote areas of Pakistan


Shopping Online for Sofa Sets

Needing to upgrade your home furniture or setting up a new home can be very time consuming, you can now browse hundreds of options through online shopping in Pakistan. These collections can be locally sourced, imported and artisanal hand made pieces.

Design Options

Sofa sets come with various combinations of three-seaters, two-seaters and one-seater sofas or standalone options as well. Available in a plethora of colours sofa sets can be in muted monochrome grey, black, white and cream or beige colours to brighter colours such as red, green and blue.

There are several patterns, embroidered motifs and textures for sofa sets. They can be found in leather, suede, velvet, leatherette and wood combinations depending on what aesthetic you prefer for home or office.

Sofa set styles can range from minimal that are incorporate neat straight lines and form to give a more spacious look to the room. Pakistan has many styles and designs that have taken on more modern influences. The modern design incorporates geometry or unconventional shapes to create a more playful and contemporary design, these are considered to be more statement pieces that give character to the room.


Through online shopping celebrated fashionable sofa set design from the past can be bought. Home decore magazines are bringing it back retro aesthetic in an individualised perspective. Now you can acquire these rare one-off pieces and antique sofas to create a unique atmosphere in your home.

The most popular design in Pakistan is the Victorian floral embroidery embellished sofa sets. As these pieces are considered essential for decorating the Drawing Room of the house. Families usually prefer to host their formal guests in the Drawing Room. These glamours sofa sets are usually covered in lush upholstery with gold trimmings are bought with much enthusiasm and interest. They are priced in the higher bracket and are made from quality fabric. 

Price Range Available Online

If you are looking for home decor inspiration, you benefit from the advantage of saving time as there is a diverse collection of sofa set designs to choose and order on Shopsy. When on a strict home budget knowing it is better to explore through online shopping rather than visiting nearby furniture stores in your region. Online shopping has offers and deals from all around Pakistan.

For those looking to buy a quick and easy furniture solution, there are comfortable inflatable sofa sets available which cheap and disposable option at the price of Rs 5000. When browsing you can also find a variety of sofa and pillow covers starting at Rs 4,000, along with cushions fillers for sofas as these are valuable accessories in completing your sofa.  

Price List

Model Price
Modern Designed Velvet furnished 5 Seated Sofa … Rs. 52,099
Shizi Balcony Chairs & Table Outdoor Rattan Coffe… Rs. 39,999
Customizable Premium Sofa Set available in all co… Rs. 60,000
Customize Sofa 4 Seater Puffy Sets Red Valvid S… Rs. 13,350
Ester Sofa Stool - Sapphire Blue Rs. 8,500
Valerie 2 Seater Sofa - Beige Leatherite Rs. 67,000
Carolyn Deewan Rs. 50,000
Modern Sofa Sette Rs. 15,000
Bryson Sofa Rs. 65,178
Elm 2 Seater Sofa - Mid Brown Rs. 68,500
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