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The best price of Sogo Insect Killer in Pakistan is Rs. 2,430 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,459.


Sogo insect killers are electronic devices. There are different forms one is shaped like a racket and is manually used, and the other has a UV lamp that attracts insects. Both use an electrocuted mesh to zap bugs. The prices are affordable for either option.


Certain places and seasons cause lots of insects to come out. Mosquitoes are mostly the concern, especially since they carry diseases. To get rid of them one can get a Sogo insect killer.

The handheld one is shaped like a racket and can be used manually to hunt down individual bugs, zapping them as you hit them. This takes some work but is also useful depending on your space. The other kind is larger and is hung or kept on the floor. This is a cuboid-shaped device and it has UV lamps set in the centre with an electrocuted mesh surrounding them.

Insects are attracted to the UV lamps and get zapped when they come in contact with the mesh. This should generally not be kept close to eating spaces as some research states that germs fly out when buggs get zapped.

You can choose the kind of Sogo insect killer that works for your needs. The prices of both are affordable within their respective categories.

Price List

Model Price
Sogo Rechargeable Insect Killer Racket - JPN-396 Rs. 2,430
Sogo Insect Killer (JPN- 108) Rs. 4,200
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-110 Rs. 4,677
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-150 Rs. 7,739
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-120 Rs. 6,456
Sogo JPN-110 Insect Killer Rs. 5,000
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-145 Rs. 6,469
SOGO Insect Killer JPN-1142 Rs. 7,700
Sogo JPN-110 Insect Killer Rs. 5,000
Sogo Electric Insect Pest Killer 8watt (JPN-109) Rs. 4,920
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