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SOGO has made it a mission to help solve these daily problems for its clients to ensure they can carry out their business, work and personal daily tasks with ease and comfort. Their products are dependable and help optimise productivity around the home and office. The expert engineers and technicians hired by SOGO focus on providing power solutions along with appliances that can improve living conditions during the summer and winter season.  These portable and lightweight cooling systems can provide several hours of cooling without directly plugging into the mains electrical supply. They can lower room temperature by 3-5 degrees and work best during the dry heat summer season. During the humid season in Pakistan, the air cooler can keep the room breathable cooling the moisture in the air and also using its own mist function to further bring down the temperature.

Pros & Cons


  • Power saving

  • Portable and lightweight

  • Easy to use and install

  • A quick solution to heating problems


  • Does not charge while running on direct electricity

  • Water needs to be changed

  • Does not remove humidity completely


Benefits of Rechargeable Air Cooler

The built-in air filtration system purifies the environment by removing any micro dust, fibre and germs. By storing power into the large rechargeable batteries built into their mechanism the air cooler is independent and mobile.

Technology & Design 

It has 3 intensities of airflow that are pre-programmed into the fan navigational control that has an additional natural breeze, sleep and wind selector along with the high. medium and lower setting. They are AC/DC operated air coolers that have a rectangular body shape spacious enough to store a large water tank from 2.5 litres to up to 15 litres.

The air cooler is capable of a strong and powerful wind flow capacity of 3 - 6 meters long. There are versions with a 180° swing and non-swing options. The front grill/fin setup is rotational with multi swing options, the 120 degrees swing goes left to right and can also be directed to an upwards and downwards motion.

Power Saving Features

A timer can be set of up to 8 hours to ensure the energy efficiency of the air cooler. Electricity will not be wasted as the air cooler automatically shuts down after set time as elapsed. The 12V 4500mAH and 7000mAH rechargeable batteries will be able to provide uninterrupted power supply for the maximum timer setting. 

The inbuilt ice brick is set up to keep the water refrigerated and save power. Called the Environment Cardboard Water Curtain it ensures the cooling system remains power-efficient throughout usage. Some versions have Two Ice Boxes that will provide long-lasting cooling. 

Control Panel Features

The bright emergency light of 36 LEDs will help navigate the air cooler in the dark. The digital LED display is essential as it ensures users are able to read the navigation options during load shedding or when sitting outdoors. It has a soft-touch panel display and the air cooler can also be used through remote control with a reach of 5-meters.  

Price Point

The SOGO price range is affordable and budget-friendly ensuring that people all over Pakistan are able to benefit from their products.  


Model Number JPN-699
Rotation 180° swing non-swing option
Power AC/DC operated,12V DC socket
Features 36LEDs emergency light, 3speed function, Remote control operated, Digital LED display
Battery 12V, 7000mAH
Water Tank 15-litre
Timer 0.5 to 4 hours
Water TanK 8-litre
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