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The best price of Sohan Halwa in Pakistan is Rs. 160 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,046.


If you were to name the most famous Pakistani dessert, it will hands down be Sohan Halwa. Pakistanis have a sweet tooth and homemade desserts are a part of their everyday meals. Especially during winters as the buttery sugary confections of healthy ingredients produce heat in the body and give energy to the consumers. Sohan Halwa is one such rich dessert that is made at home as well as purchased from "Halwayis", bakeries or authentic brands that are renowned for selling high-quality and full of nutrition Sohan Halwa online in Pakistan. 


Multani Sohan Halwa

Multan and Dera Ismail Khan are the two Pakistani cities famous for housing hundreds of shops that make quality halwa that is sold all over the world. Hafiz is one name that instantly comes to mind whenever someone mentions Multani Sohan halwa. The brand has been in the business for decades now and their halwa is considered one of the best and most authentic in taste. You can find beautifully packaged halwa in attractive looking round tins with plastic linings that can be gifted to your loved ones. 

The Basic Sohan Halwa Recipe

The halwa is made by boiling a mixture of milk, sugar, grape powder, water and corn flour. It is stirred constantly till it becomes solid and creamy and water evaporates from the milk. The main ingredient is Ghee as using oil can alter the traditional thick texture and aroma. Also, the ghee prevents the halwa from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

For extra aroma and flavour, saffron and other aromatic herbs are added. Nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds and cardamom seeds are added to for increasing nutritional value and giving the confection a nutty flavour. Some prefer it to be brittle but most people like it soft and gooey. The final consistency depends on how much stirring and ghee is added to the mixture. 

Sohan Halwa Calories

There are around 100 calories in one serving of Sohan Halwa. Though considered extremely nutritious, The halwa is packed with sugar and nuts and should be avoided by diabetics or those with nut allergies.

There is a multitude of stores selling Sohan halwa online in Pakistan. Check out Sohan halwa prices in Pakistan at Shopsy and gift this healthy confection to your loved ones.

Price List

Model Price
Sohan Halwa Almond Pista Akhroti 500G Rs. 331
AHMAD AYAZ Freesh Multani Sohan Halwa Desi Ghee 1… Rs. 1,799
Multani Sohan Halwa Rewari sohan Halwa Sada 1 Kg Rs. 1,199
Rewari Sohan Halwa Multani Sohan Halwa- Half Kg Rs. 850
Hafiz Molana Abdul Wadood (306) Multani Sohan Ha… Rs. 1,150
Rewari sohan halwa akhrot - 500gm Rs. 749
Sohan Halwa 450gm Tin Rs. 900
Rewari Sohan Halwa - Walnut - Multani Sohan halwa… Rs. 1,349
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