Solar Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Solar Air Cooler in Pakistan is Rs. 11,300 and estimated average price is Rs. 16,067.


The solar air cooler price in Pakistan is cheaper than air conditioner as they harness the power of sunlight to store electricity in a rechargeable battery. The positive impact of using solar air cooler is saving precious electricity and relying on evaporation cooling system that uses minimal power to cool the home.

Pros & Cons


  • Low power consumption can lower electricity bill

  • Portable lightweight design

  • Easy to maintain as the operation is simple and efficient


  • Unusable in humid weather conditions

  • Initial price is expensive as compared to regular air coolers


There are a variety of models available in the market with DC or AC/DC power system. The three main components in the solar air cooler system that include the solar panel that needs to be placed in direct sunlight for up to 9 hours for a complete charge; the battery regulator that monitors the power storage and prevents overcharging damage to the system and the motor that ensures the cooling system is continuously running by circulating the water through the evaporating medium. These main systems control the cooling performance of the machine by bringing down the room air temperature to 20 to 25 degrees.  

Compact & Portable

The design is lightweight and has a plastic body to ensure the safety and durability of the machine. It does not overheat during the summer remaining at optimal temperature reducing the heat of the room. The rotating fins can be adjusted and have the airflow range can easily cool a medium to large-sized room depending on the size of the machine. Features such as the detachable water tank are easy to regularly clean and refill without damaging the machine. The carbon air filter helps remove impurities from the room providing cleaner air for the home. The remote control allows users to be able to change the airflow settings from a comfortable distance. There is an inbuilt alarm to indicate when the water tank needs to be refilled and an energy-saving timer to help provide a long durational cooling. The ice compartment makes it easy to increase cooling during extra hot summer days. The solar air cooler does not work in extreme humidity weather as it becomes ineffective because of the heavy moisture present in the air. It is ideally used for dry heat and can also be used as a humidifier for harsh dry winter seasons. 

Environmentally Friendly 

As the solar air cooler only uses sunlight to create power it is ideal for remote and rural areas of Pakistan that have limited access to electricity in the summer. The self-sufficient machine will be able to provide effective cooling for the whole family by bringing out electricity costs for the entire household. It has a low noise performance making it easy to use in the bedroom or TV lounge without causing any disturbances. Another safe and low power consuming cooling system is the solar rechargeable fans that provide portable and affordable cooling solutions for the home and office. 

Price List

Model Price
Nasgas Solar Model NAC-9500 Room Cooler DC-12 Vol… Rs. 19,399
Boss Solar Air Cooler White (ECM-6000) Rs. 16,536
Boss Solar Air Cooler White (ECM-6500) Rs. 17,576
Air Cooler ECM-6500-Solar Rs. 15,900
Boss Air Cooler ECM 6000 Solar Rs. 14,500
Air Cooler Ecm 6000 Solar Rs. 15,100
Boss Solar Air Cooler (ECM-7000) Rs. 19,032
Boss Solar Air Cooler (KE-ECM-5200) Rs. 12,584
Air Cooler ECM-5200-Solar Rs. 11,300
Air Cooler Ecm 7000 Solar Rs. 17,500
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