Soldering Gun Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Soldering Gun in Pakistan is Rs. 5,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 16,249.


A soldering gun is needed to make and repair electronics. It is similar to a soldering iron in function but is designed in the shape of a gun as some people find that shape easier to handle and is able to create higher temperatures for tasks that require it. The price of a soldering gun is in the affordable ranges.


Soldering Gun

A soldering gun is used when one needs more heat than a soldering iron to join materials such as stained glass, light sheet metal or for heavy electronics soldering work. The shape allows for safer handling of this tool that can cause injury. If one has intermittent soldering work, the soldering gun is more ideal as it cools down faster.

Soldering guns also come with soldering stations at times, giving one more flexibility to set the temperature and heat. Temperature is the intensity of "hotness", heat is an amount. Other models have a cradle along, where one can place the gun when not in use.

The tips of a soldering gun can be swapped so one can choose a more apt one for their specific task or change it when it is ready to be discarded after use.


The price of a soldering gun is in the affordable bracket.

Price List

Model Price
YIHUA Digital Soldering Iron Hot Air Gun SMD Rewo… Rs. 16,000
YIHUA YH 929D-I Automatic Feed Soldering Gun Rs. 5,000
YIHUA YH 948D High Frequency Soldering And Desold… Rs. 36,000
Digital Heat Air Gun With Soldering Iron – Black Rs. 7,999
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