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The best price of Sonex in Pakistan is Rs. 2,350 and estimated average price is Rs. 12,637.


Sonex group of companies has been operating in Pakistan for decades now. It manufactures high-quality Cookware, Sanitary Fittings, Ceramic Tiles and electric fans. Check out prices for all Sonex Pakistan products on this page and buy them from trusted online sellers on our website.


Quality & Range

Sonex is considered one of the leading companies in Pakistan and is synonymous with good quality and durability. There is a wide range of options when it comes to sanitary fittings or cookware. If you are looking for Sonex sanitary fittings or cookware, you can get them at the best prices in Pakistan from our website.

Sonex Sanitary Fittings & Tiles

Sonex is known for producing affordable yet elite looking sanitary fittings, tiles and accessories. The business is based in Gujranwala but you can easily buy their products online from our website. The company’s sanitary fittings embody a balanced blend of technology, functionality and aesthetics. They are also for every type of customer including commercial, institutional and private clients. Sonex follows ISO plating standards and uses high-quality chrome and brass materials.

Sonex Cookware & Pressure Cookers

Sonex cookware is amongst the best in Pakistan. The affordable homegrown brand has been manufacturing great quality cookware since 1960. The brand produces economically priced and durable cookware in individual pieces as well as sets in different sizes and materials. You can also buy Sonex pressure cookers made out of durable anodized materials. They have scratch and stain free surfaces and come with rubber seals as well as steamer and pressure indicators.

Sonex Pakistan Sale & Discount

You can easily buy Sonex products online from multiple sellers. Find the best prices for Sonex cookware and pressure cookers online in Pakistan by going through the search results on this page. You may also find pressure cookers on sale and discounts offered on some items are as much as 50% off.

You can buy all products by Sonex from our website. Look for Sonex Sanitary Fittings, Cookware, Tiles, Pressure Cookers and Electric Fans etc and get sale prices and discount offerings from multiple trusted online sellers.

Price List

Model Price
Sonex Elegant Pressure Cooker 3 Litres - 5 Litres… Rs. 4,299
SONEX Eden Plus Gift Pack - 20 Pieces - Die Cast … Rs. 15,990
Sonex Elegant Pressure Cooker - 5 LITRES - 7 LITR… Rs. 5,400
Sonex Pressure Coooker 5 liters Rs. 4,499
Sonex Aluminium Casted Handle 5 Pots Set Rs. 10,689
Sonex 802 Bath Mixer Roomy (Hand S.Type) (Chrome) Rs. 15,200
Sonex 606 Bath Mixer Royal (Wall Type) (Chrome) Rs. 20,660
Sonex Global Cooking Pots Set – Stainless Steel Rs. 12,992
SONEX Eden Plus Gift Pack - 18 Pieces Dinner Set … Rs. 15,800
Sonex 3137 Bath Mixer Unique rain (Wall Type) (Ch… Rs. 20,670
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