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The best price of Sonex Non Stick Set in Pakistan is Rs. 8,640 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,043.


Sonex is a name synonymous with great quality cookware in Pakistan. It is also one of the most sought after brands for non-stick pots and pans. Sonex Non Stick Set prices in Pakistan vary depending on the set, size and material but they are mostly in the affordable range. 


Basic Sets & Gift Packs

Sonex non-stick cookware set is the best offering by the company. There are a lot of options available where you can buy a set of the same pot or pan in varying sizes or mix and match. You can buy non stick set by Sonex in a basic pack of 2 to 6 pieces of great quality pots and pans.

The basic 6 piece non stick set will typically have multiple sizes of casserole pots, hot plates, saucepans, milk pans, tawa, frying pan or wok ranging from small to large sizes. You can also buy a 6 piece non stick set of pots or saucepans in varying sizes. These sets are also available in extensive gift packs of over 12 to 24 pieces. 

Stylish & Durable

Sonex non stick frying pans with glass lid, saucepans, grill pans, tawa, pressure cookers, wok etc are all easily available online. You will find a plethora of tasteful designs and options in sets as well as individual pieces. 

If you think an entire set may have items that you do not need or if a set is exceeding your budget, you can also buy individual pots and pans in non stick variety. You may also find Sonex non stick sets on sale and discounts as much as 50% off.

Safe Materials

Sonex curates its non stick sets out of safe and non-toxic materials. These do not contain a toxic chemical called Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA which is a suspected carcinogen. Even the brand's Teflon coated non stick variety is now free of PFOA and are safe to use.

Make sure to use Sonex's non stick safe spoons, spatulas and ladles with these utensils. Using regular ladles will damage the coating on the pans. Also, make sure to not cook in these utensils at a very high temperature. Sonex Non Stick Set prices can be compared on this page.

Price List

Model Price
Sonex Deluxe Plus-Die Cast-Non Stick Set-Gift Pac… Rs. 14,299
Sonex Die Cast Deluxe Falcon Cookware Set | 15 Pi… Rs. 10,650
Sonex Classic Gift Pack-Non Stick-Set of 14 Pcs c… Rs. 11,299
Sonex Deluxe Plus-Die Cast-Non Stick Set-Gift Pac… Rs. 14,299
Sonex Classic Gift Pack-Non Stick-Set of 14 Pcs c… Rs. 11,299
Sonex Classic Gift Pack – Nonstick Cookware Set –… Rs. 15,623
Sonex Classic King Pots Set – Nonstick Rs. 11,183
Sonex Eden King Set – Marble Coated – 52308 Rs. 13,649
Sonex Splendor King – 12 Pieces Set – Die Cast – … Rs. 16,445
Sonex Elegant Pots Set – 50089 | Nonstick Rs. 9,538
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