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The best price of Sony Handycam in Pakistan is Rs. 2,140 and estimated average price is Rs. 42,584.


The originator of portable video recoding technology, Sony has been at the front of the market with their products. Making many variations over the years under the bage of 'Handycam'. The Sony Handycam line is well built and packed with useful features. Sony is generally a higher price point brand.


The innovators of portable recording

Sony has been one of the main producers of portable video recording equipment since the 80s, they are the ones that came up with portable video recorders back then. Being at the head of the market they have continuously innovated to stay in the top tear, with massive spending on R&D over the years.

Basics of the Handycam range

The Handycam line has been one of the most commonly used handheld recording devices in the world. With the initial ones recording on tape, to a smaller format of tape then onto a self-developed Flash Memory based stick called simply the 'Memory Stick'. Sony Handycams today also have room for the Memory Stick or SD Cards along with a decent size of built-in memory. Even though now a lot of people use their smartphones to record video, a device specifically built for video with a larger sensor and lens will capture better quality than something that has a camera as an add-on. 

Features of the various Handycams

Sony has many variations available in the Handycam lineup with some shooting HD or FHD and others shooting at an even crisper 4K resolution. Coming with wide-angle lenses and ample analog zoom so you can better frame your shot. Also, huge amounts of digital zoom if you need even more; though digital zoom does mess with video clarity. You can also mark portions of your video on the camera to later process them and build a highlight reel super quick in the software, based on those markings. The proprietary SteadyShot technology they have been incorporating for years is still a regular feature, it helps keep the shots smooth and not shakey as you walk around or are in a vehicle. As is the requirement of the time Sony added the ability to connect wirelessly so you can stream live as you go about your vlog or are performing stunts. With noise cancellation for wind and such so your audio is also cleaner. The Smile Shutter option is also interesting letting the camera take pictures whenever anyone smiles while a video is being recorded, so later you have a set of captures that are shot automatically. All these features depend on which model you choose to purchase, every model has a different set of features.

Lens, internals and more

Sony Handycam's are still employing ZEISS lenses, ZEISS being one of the top lens makers in the world. This is a big plus as the lens quality defines a lot of how clear the video shall be. The newer models are coming with the EXMOR R CMOS Sensor that absorbs the incoming light to convert it into a digital scape internally, even working better in low light and the BIONZ X image processing engine to aid all the image capturing; making it more vivid and clear. The improved internal processing allows for features like Face Detection, if you mark a person simply by touching their face on the LCD it will try to keep that specific face in better focus and optimise the colour along with exposure too. This works well for crowded spaces as the camera remembers the face even if the person leaves the frame and then reenters it. Select flagship Sony Handycam models also feature infrared-based night-vision, called 'NightShot'. This utilizes an infrared light-emitting diode and an infrared filter that is mechanically attached and detached to the sensor in order to enable the camcorder to record video footage in complete darkness. 

The range of Sony Handycams is varied and you can choose something that fits your needs depending on your budget. Generally, Sony has a higher-end product line which costs more.

Price List

Model Price
Sony HDR-CX405 HD Handycam Rs. 74,999
Ultra Fast ICON AC-VQ9001 NP-970 Charger For SONY… Rs. 2,140
Sony NP-FV70A V-Series Battery Pack for Handycam … Rs. 18,900
Sony HDR-CX405 HD Handycam Rs. 74,999
Sony HD Handycam (HDR-CX405) Rs. 54,999
Ultra Fast ICON AC-VQ9001 NP-970 Charger For SONY… Rs. 2,140
Sony PJ410 projector Handycam With Built-In Proje… Rs. 46,500
Sony HDR-CX405 Full HD Handycam Rs. 65,999
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