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The best price of Sony Projector in Pakistan is Rs. 150 and estimated average price is Rs. 133,280.


Sony is a premium grade brand that produces many different consumer electronics, including projectors. They have larger projectors and also options for portable pocket-sized projectors. The power and image quality vary between the models. One can choose based on what their need is and also their budget. Overall the cost is high given the quality of Sony products.


A bit about Sony

One of the largest consumer brands in the world Sony produces multiple forms of electronics from cameras to TVs and laptops. Also in the projector market, they have multiple models that vary in size, power and features.

Sony Projectors

Sony has projectors that are often shown among the top 10 lists made each year. Their range is diverse and has a continual updating of features and components to match the times. The sizes vary depending on how powerful a projector is needed. There are versions that would be able to replicate a near cinema feel and smaller pocket-sized projectors that are easy to carry around.

Despite the size of the pocket projectors, they are quite powerful. The battery times vary from model to model, depending on how powerful the lamp is.

Things to consider

When purchasing a projector one needs to keep in mind what the resolution is, the contrast ratio, connectivity options and most importantly the lumens. This last term is crucial as it tells you how powerful the lamp is, this affects everything else.

The higher the lumens the more powerful a projector is and the less dark it needs to be for it to be clearly visible. One needs at least 2,500 lumens to be able to see something in daylight. The larger the screen you want the more power you need for it to be crisp.

The resolution of a projector lets you know whether it can handle HD level quality or not. There are also projectors that can handle 4K quality. So this really depends on what kind of content you watch, if a projector is just needed for a presentation then you can have something with lower resolution. But if you want to stream the latest movies in high resolution then you need something HD and above.

The connectivity options are important and the more they are the better. These can be any mix of a USB, HDMI, SD card or WiFi. WiFi means you can stream directly onto the device too. With how we consume content today from websites such as Netflix, this feature is convenient. 

Remotes are another feature that can be useful but not all projectors from Sony come with one. Usually, the larger models have a remote along with them. 

Audio is another consideration. Many projectors come with mini-speakers in them but this is not nearly enough for a good experience. They also do have an auxiliary output that one can connect a sound system or headphones.


Generally, the higher the numbers regarding lumens, contrast ratio and resolution are the more the projector costs. A portable projector from Sony cannot have the same power as a full-fledged one naturally.

Sony projectors are high-quality products that are expensive to purchase.

Price List

Model Price
Sony Xperia XZ Premium (SO-04J) Matte Ceramic Fle… Rs. 150
Screen Protector Sony A6500 A6000 A6100 A6300 A64… Rs. 750
Sony VPL-SW630 3,100 Lumens WXGA Ultra Short Thro… Rs. 198,500
Screen Protector Sony A6500 A6000 A6100 A6300 A64… Rs. 750
Sony VPL-EX575 4200 Lumens Rs. 160,000
Sony VPL-DX221 2800 Lumens Rs. 90,000
Sony VPL-EX455 3600 Lumens Rs. 141,000
Sony | EX455 - 3,600 lumens XGA high brightness c… Rs. 142,000
Sony VPL-EX435 3200 Lumens Rs. 112,000
VPL-HW45ES Sony 3D Full HD Projector 1800 Lumens Rs. 390,999
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