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The best price of Sony Video Camera in Pakistan is Rs. 504,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 504,000.


A video camera is a handy device to have along with you if you have needs for better video than a phone camera, but also want something that is smaller and less complex than a DSLR. Sony has a wide range available with many features that aid your shooting tasks. Equipped with high-quality ZEISS lenses and sturdy overall build.

Pros & Cons


  • Reliable

  • Sturdy build

  • High-quality lenses

  • SteadyShot technology


  • Higher price point


Sony's history with video cameras

One of the most well-known brands in the electronics market, Sony has originated and produced so much technology over the years. From literally making the first single-unit portable video recorder called the Betacam to developing its own form of an SD card before SD cards were in common use. For years Sony video cameras sold under the name Handycam were the most regularly used. Although today a lot of people prefer their smartphones that can shoot high-quality video but still a video camera can provide options that smartphones cannot. A device specifically built for video with a larger sensor and lens will capture better quality than something that has a camera as an add-on.

Variations and features

Sony has a range of cameras that are all HD, FHD or even recording 4K. They are compact, built for portability and some have extra durability features like being waterproof, dustproof, shockproof (with the provided housing) and are able to handle extremely cold temperatures. Some with built-in LED lights for the dark or 50x optical zoom so you can frame a shot from a long ways away and even one which has a projector in it! Sony has almost always used ZEISS lenses which are some of the cleanest in the business adding to the overall quality of their equipment. Also the proprietary SteadyShot technology they have been incorporating for years that helps keep the shots smooth and not shakey as you walk around or are in a vehicle. As is the requirement of the time Sony has added the ability to connect wirelessly so you can stream live as you go about your vlog or are performing stunts in real-time. With noise cancellation for wind and such so your audio is also cleaner. When a brand like Sony has been in the same market for so many years they can hone much of their technology along the way and improve the overall performance so much that simple things like shifting focus well can become near-seamless, only simple as it is near unnoticeable by an average user but means a lot to someone who realises how much it would affect what you are shooting. 'Nightvision' is also a feature that Sony incorporates in some of their video cameras.

Space and memory cards

A lot of their video cameras have built-in hard drives and then the added ability to extend your space with their proprietary Memory Stick or SD cards, this gives you ample space for a serious amount of recording.

The range of Sony video cameras is varied and you can choose something that fits your needs depending on whether you are shooting action at high speed or you need something for a more low-light environment along with how much you can spend, generally Sony has a higher-end product line.

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Sony HXR-NX5R NXCAM Professional Camcorder with B… Rs. 504,000
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