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The best price of Space Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 380 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,066.


A local brand that produces accessories, including headphones. The SPACE headphone range has optiosn for wireless and wired both. One can choose based on their needs and the budget they have in mind. The prices are all in a nominal range.



A brand based in Pakistan, SPACE is producing a range of accessories that are part of our regular lifestyle. Their product range contains power banks, earphones, chargers, headsets, speakers and headphones. 

The SPACE Headphones range

In this segment, the brand has enough different options that people can choose from. The variations are in design and also functionality. The options include wired and wireless headphones. The design style is modern with sleek lines.

The wireless headphones from SPACE have Bluetooth connectivity for the tethering. A common feature among the wireless headphones is the built in microSD and FM radio. This lets users enjy their media even if they do not have their smartphone. You could put songs on the microSD card and enjoy them without any need for another device.

The standby time varied from 70 to a 100 hours for the wireless options. Operation time is somewhere at around 10 hours roughly, although some models claim more, others do not have any such specification on the website. In case the battery runs out, certain models also have the option to jack in a wire so one can keep using their headphones.

The wireless headphones have controls built onto the earcups, so you can forward your songs or answer calls directly from on them.

As for the wired options they have limited functionality. The common feature is a built-in mic on the cable which lets you answer calls on the go.


The price of SPACE headphones is in the lower ranges, with the wireless ones being a bit more expensive in comparison. These products are built to price, so one cannot expect them to perform at the same level as more costly headphones on the market.

Price List

Model Price
Rock Space D300 Bluetooth Earphone Rs. 1,792
Space Rockstar+ Wireless Premier Headphones Rs. 2,450
ROCK SPACE Mufree Wired In-Ear Earphone Rs. 1,288
SPACE PD-655 PODS+ Wireless Supreme Earphone Rs. 2,430
Space FD-20 Freedom True Wireless Earphones Rs. 3,470
Space RS-606 Rockstar+ Wireless Premier Headphone Rs. 3,960
Space JAM 612 HD Wireless Headphones Rs. 3,200
Space RS-605 Rockstar Wireless Premier Headphones Rs. 2,560
Space Pods PD-541 Supreme Earphones Rs. 680
Space UR-517 Urban Extra Bass Earphones Rs. 420
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