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The best price of Squash Balls in Pakistan is Rs. 2,642 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,571.


Made from rubber Squash Balls have markings to let you know what level the specific ball is for. These markings are in the form of dots. The overall color is always black, other than one specific kind of ball for beginners that comes in blue. The top brand is Dunlop.


Squash Balls are small with a mark on them letting you know what level of ball it is. They are always black with the exception of one ball that is blue and is for beginners.

The level is related to how much bounce a ball has, the faster balls are for players who are starting out and the slower balls that take more effort are for pro players. Before play starts, players rally with the ball for a while so it heats up and is not as sluggish.

The intro ball is the one with a small blue dot, this is the fastest and easiest to play with. The red dot is just above this with a medium level of bounce. The green and white dots are at the same level and are slightly low balls. The single yellow dot is slow, with the double yellow dot ball being the slowest and also the ball that is competition standard.

Squash Balls are made from vulcanized butyl rubber and are tough as well as long-lasting.

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Model Price
Squash Ball Blue Dot Fast Speed Sports Rubber Bal… Rs. 2,642
Favy Sports Dunlop Sports Pro Squash Ball Pack Of… Rs. 4,500
Squash Ball Blue Dot Fast Speed Sports Rubber Bal… Rs. 2,642
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