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The best price of Studio Lights in Pakistan is Rs. 580 and estimated average price is Rs. 53,027.


Professional studios heavily depend on proper lighting in order to achieve their HD glamourous photo-ready looks in makeup or visual artists need natural light in the night as they work long hours on their artworks and usually work through the night. In order to keep working without natural light studio lights are so strong and carefully designed to even light the space for photographs and videos. Use for commercial and personal projects, they are lightweight and easy to use.


Professional Studio

Video content has become an important part of our everyday lives, creators all over the world make videos at home and at their studio. To achieve professional results and studio settings there are various kinds of lights available online. Adding lights to your photography, video, makeup or art studio will help create an ideal setting to work, improve workflow and quality of your services.

Kinds of Studio Lights

Depending on your daily and professional needs there are a few essential studio lights that are recommended to have in your studio kit. The Fluorescent lights do not easily overheat and have a neutral shade. The Tungsten lights are also called “hot lights” as they emit heat and have a warm tone ideal for portraits. A basic studio lighting setup should have at least 1 to 4 lights that can include a Key light, Fill light, Rim / Hair light and a Background light.

Continuous light is suited for product and still life photography or video as it lights the subject or objects exactly as it is captured through the lens. There are three kinds of bulbs used in continuous lighting that include fluorescent, tungsten and LED.

There are Speed lights that have an external flash inside an umbrella and softbox to evenly disperse light. The flash mechanism works faster than normal flash usually seen being used at weddings, press releases and sporting events. They are lightweight and portable ideal to travel with for outdoor shoots. 

Monolights are self-contained strobe that run on pre-powered batteries, have reflectors and stands making them highly adaptable to various shooting scenes for long durations without needing a power source or generator. 

Price List

Model Price
PULUZ Pocket 104 LED 1800LM Professional Vlogging… Rs. 4,450
PULUZ Pocket 104 LED 1800LM Professional Vlogging… Rs. 4,450
Photo Studio Light Box Portable 60 x 60 x 60 cm L… Rs. 17,500
ARRI 300 Plus Tungsten Fresnel Light Rs. 32,000
PULUZ Pocket 104 LED 1800LM Professional Vlogging… Rs. 4,450
White Studio Umbrella Soft Light For Studio Photo… Rs. 580
Behringer LC2412 Lighting Controller Rs. 44,500
PULUZ 11.8''/ 30cm Photo Studio Light Box Photogr… Rs. 5,999
36 cm Studio Professional Selfie Ring Light with … Rs. 6,999
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