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The best price of Study Lamp in Pakistan is Rs. 1,069 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,764.


To read or write at night, you can buy a study table lamp (reading lamp) and use it whenever the need be. This will help with reading better and also add a decorative flair to your study table or work desk. Check out study lamp prices in Pakistan and the wide range of designs that we have on this page.


Students, readers or people who like to sit at their desks for office or school work cannot do without a good reading lamp at night. While side table lamps enhance the beauty of your bedrooms and living spaces, study lamps provide aesthetic as well as functional purposes for your study desk. If used in the right design, direction and with the right bulb or light, it can enhance your nighttime reading or writing experience and can save your precious eyes from damage. It can also elevate your mood and increase productivity. 

Material & Design 

Reading lamps are available in adjustable designs that can be easily adjusted to suit one's height or comfort level. They are also equipped with a dimming or a brightness control switch that allows the users to adjust the light according to their requirement. While the wired lamps are still more sought after, you can also buy the cordless or USB study lamps variety that can be plugged into the USB port of your laptop for recharging. For kids, reading lamps come in kid-friendly materials, colourful patterns, cartoon characters, animals, fruits etc. 

Buying Tips

For avid readers, halogen lamps are a great option as they provide bright white light that makes reading text easier. If you are a graphic designer or just want to increase work productivity, go for Full-Spectrum desk lamps. If the direction of light, glare and heat are your concerns then opt for LED light lamp. LED lights are directional and produce incredibly less heat than other lighting options. The best brands to buy study lamps in Pakistan are Ikea, Urban Galleria, Interwood and ChenOne etc. 

If you want more lighting options, use Shopsy to search for table lamps, floor lamps, bulbs, salt lamps, spotlights, fairy lights, modern lanterns etc.  We have a wide collection of home decorative items on sale from trusted online sellers in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
DP LED Foldable Study Lamp Rs. 1,190
Himalayan Glow Natural Crystal Globe Salt Lamp, w… Rs. 5,699
Fancy LED Rechargeable Stylish Study Table Lamp Rs. 1,069
DP LED Foldable Study Lamp Rs. 1,190
Aeroplan Study Desk Lamp Rs. 1,135
Himalayan Glow Natural Crystal Globe Salt Lamp, w… Rs. 5,699
Adjustable Study Lamp - Advanced Table Table Tabl… Rs. 3,400
Fancy LED Rechargeable Stylish Study Table Lamp Rs. 1,069
Study Table Lamp Adjustable-White Rs. 1,225
DP LED Fold-able Study Table Lamp Rs. 1,095
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