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The best price of Stylus Pen in Pakistan is Rs. 1,199 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,123.


A stylus pen allows users to interact with their touch screen as if they were writing on it. This is also the tool that lets users draw on their iPad or Wacom tablet. There are two different kinds and one needs to buy the right one based on the screen or device they intend to use it with. The price depends on the specific type and brand.


Stylus Pen

As touch screens have become a regular part of our lives, the stylus pen has also become a common need. We have smartphones, tablets, laptops and game consoles that all have stylus pen related inputs. This is essentially the upgraded computer mouse.

A stylus pen in computing allows users to interact with their device using this accessory. It can be used to write, draw or just tap at the screen. The advantage is that in comparison to one's finger the stylus pen is a lot more accurate, especially for writing and drawing.

Types of stylus pens

Depending on the device a stylus pen is designed for it can vary. Some are made without any digital components and are the simpler variants and are known as passive stylus pens. These are the ones used with capacitive touchscreens that we have in all our smartphones today. This kind of a stylus pen could work with any capacitive touchscreen; compatibility is not specific.

The active stylus pen is more specific. It allows the device it is used with to sense levels of pressure and also understand the tilt, which is natural to us from using pens and pencils on paper. This is more often the case with drawing tablets such as the Wacom series or the XP-Pen line. This makes one's drawings and writing a lot more accurate helping capture a more real feel.

An active stylus pen may have a small battery or operate via inductance and each one works with specific devices. So one needs to know they are buying the correct one that is compatible with their device.


The price of a stylus pen depends on its type and the brand that is is made by. An active one would cost more than a passive kind.

Price List

Model Price
DIGITAL PEN (EMR Stylus Pencil) Made in Germany Rs. 9,800
Multifunctional Gel Pen Universal Mobile Holder U… Rs. 1,800
WIWU Pencil X Natural Palm Rejection Stylus & Hi… Rs. 6,435
Wiwu Universal Palm Rejection Capac Pencil Pro Ne… Rs. 7,858
WiWU Pencil for android P339 Universal Active Dr… Rs. 6,999
Baseus Stylus Pen For Ipad Pencil Apple Pencil Ac… Rs. 9,999
DIGITAL PEN (EMR Stylus Pencil) Made in Germany Rs. 1,800
Baseus Universal Capacitive Stylus Pen Rs. 2,149
Cross Tech2, Metallic Purple Multi-Function Ballp… Rs. 8,150
Earldom P3 Stylus Pen for iPads Rs. 4,299
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