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The best price of Subwoofer in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and estimated average price is Rs. 49,082.


A woofer is an optimized speaker that plays mid to low bass frequencies projected by your stereo system. A subwoofer is a special type of woofer that is designed to play even narrower low-pitch frequencies like bass and sub-bass. Despite the capability of reproducing a wide frequency range, regular speakers often lack the deepest bass frequencies. That's where you need a subwoofer. 

Pros & Cons


  • Increased bass

  • Increased volume

  • Enhanced audio quality


  • No cons when set up properly

  • Powerful bass means a huge amp that doesn't come cheap 


Klipsch, KEF, Yamaha and Audionic are a few of the brand selling subwoofers at various prices in Pakistan.

Klipsch C-310ASWi 

This consists of a larger woofer and a built-in amplifier for producing deeper and cleaner bass. Majority of the subwoofers these days are powered and rely on their own individual power supply from an electrical outlet to power a built-in amplifier. The lesser popular passive variety does not come with its own dedicated power supply, instead, they rely on the power from the receiver's amplifier.

Yamaha NS-SW500

The NS uses Yamaha's original heavy bass reproduction technology and high-efficiency 250W bass attractive potential. It uses built-in amplifiers and in conjunction with 2 speakers, it delivers the true value with 2.1 channel system. This equipment integrates the power-saving technology developed by Yamaha and has a low standby power consumption. It is built on natural and modern design and has a black mirror piano finish. 


The best thing about these bass enhancers is that they can be placed anywhere in the room because the sound produced is omnidirectional. You don't have to worry about placing them on a specific spot as is with the left and right speakers. The non-directional low-frequency signals delivered by these types of equipment give you the flexibility of placing it wherever you feel it gives out the best bass. Sound experts prefer corners in the room as the best option for placing these bass enhancers, but it all depends on the layout of the room, so you can work your way around by experimentation with positioning to ascertain the best location for optimum sound quality.

For Home Theatre Systems

Even if you have the most advanced home theatre or sound system, it won't be able to deliver sound perfection without an added sub. LED TVs don't come with a decent set of in-built speakers and they always need external speakers or a home theatre system for a better sound projection. If the external speakers lack the subwoofer, the sound won't come out as good as you'd expect, while a correctly set up system that includes a sub, will resonate mind-blowingly clean sound and undistorted low frequencies. 

For Cars

Even in a car, the difference between a normal audio system and a premium car stereo system is the bass which the subwoofer resonates, providing the best sonic experience available. Due to the narrow confines of a car, this equipment cannot fit into the car door where the normal speakers usually are but since it delivers non-directional sound, it can be placed in the trunk of the car or under the seats. Properly attuning your car stereo with a sub will make all your speakers live up their full potential to give you rich, engulfing and cleaner sound, resulting in audio perfection. The difference in sound quality is significantly noticeable in low volume and you can easily hear the difference in power when you play your favourite music at full blast!

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Price List

Model Price
TCL TS3010 Soundbar with Subwoofer bluetooth spea… Rs. 15,990
ONIKUMA K5 Pro Gaming Headphone Hi-Fi Subwoofer H… Rs. 4,999
Low Pass Filter Subwoofer Preamplifier LPF Board Rs. 350
Sony 2.1ch Soundbar with powerful wireless subwoo… Rs. 61,999
Philips Tab5305 Sound Bar Speaker 2.1 Ch Wireless… Rs. 32,999
Red Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset Outdoor Spo… Rs. 1,390
Yamaha With Wireless Subwoofer and Built-in Alexa… Rs. 102,000
Edifier Mp260 Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth 5.0 Woo… Rs. 18,900
Logitech Z625 Speaker System with Subwoofer and O… Rs. 23,995
Low Pass Filter Subwoofer Preamplifier LPF Board Rs. 320
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