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To keep skin feeling fresh and clean it is important to wash regularly with different cleansing products. There are different shower gels, body washes, fash washes and hair shampoo products by international brands that offer different product lines to help keep clean. The dirt and grime that collects on our skin and scalp is the number one reason why sulphate is added to the formula as it creates a heavy lather to help clean but the intensity of the sulphate can leave the scalp dry. They are considered harsh cleansers for curly and wavy hair more common in Pakistan, that needs moisture to retain its shape.


Cleaning and Washing Hair

There are so many kinds of shampoo available in the market for both men and women, even children have their own cleansing toiletries. It is important to know what ingredients suit your hair when considering which shampoo to purchase.

The coconut and argan oil products are great for dry and brittle hair that requires deep moisturising. These rich in moisture products are usually focused on helping curly hair keep its volume and shape after washing. Oily hair requires intensive deep cleaning action, shampoos with sulphate work well on such hair types are they easily remove any build-up of dirt and dead skin on the scalp.  

Why are sulphates bad for your hair? 

Lots of hair care product now have sulphate free written on them claiming they are good-for-your-hair offering a gentler clean that helps retain the scalps natural oils after washing. The loss of moisture due to the frothy and foamy wash of a sulphate included shampoo can strip hair of important moisture that is supposed to keep is frizz-free and voluminous. 

A surfactant agent will remove oil and water from the scalp making them effective in removing dead skin and dirt when massaged into the hair. The foam then carrying all the dirt can easily be washed away with water. For users with sensitive scalp skin, the sulfate can cause irritation leading to redness, dryness, and itching. 


The sulfites in shampoo are called sodium Laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and ammonium laureth sulfate. They have varying intensities the effect is instantly lifting the hair cuticle making it easier to clean but leading to frizzing of the hair when dried. 

Dry or Frizzy Hair

Recommended sulfate-free shampoos are ideal for curly, wavy and thick hair that requires extra moisture. In Pakistan, most hair types require conditioner after shampoo to ensure the moisture and natural oils of the hair are retained after drying. The sulfate-free cleansers help maintain the natural balance of the scalp and hair making hair appear more voluminous and salon ready. Cocobetaines is a sulphate made from the extracts of coconut oil that is a sulfate-free shampoo ingredient that is mild ideal for dry curly hair. 

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Eazicare PH-6 Sulphate Free Hair Shampoo - 300ML Rs. 1,050
Love Beauty And Planet Radical Refresher Sulfate … Rs. 1,395
Love Beauty And Planet Dlightful Detox Sulfate Fr… Rs. 1,395
Love Beauty And Planet Positively Shiny Sulfate F… Rs. 1,395
Love Beauty And Planet Divine Definition Sulfate … Rs. 1,395
Love Beauty And Planet Purposeful Hydration Sulfa… Rs. 1,395
Love Beauty And Planet Hope And Repair Sulfate Fr… Rs. 1,395
Love Beauty And Planet Soothe Nourish Sulfate Fre… Rs. 1,395
Love Beauty And Planet Smooth And Serene Sulfate … Rs. 1,395
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