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The best price of Sunglasses in Pakistan is Rs. 74 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,463.


If you are looking for a stylish and UV protected pair of sunglasses, we have a large collection for both men and women on our website. Read on for the best international brands of sunglasses as well as local Pakistani affordable options. We also have some useful tips for you on what to look for when shopping for eyewear.


Eyewear protects against the harsh sunlight and is worn by both men and women as well as kids. Though the primary purpose is to protect against sun rays, wind and dust, eyewear has also become a mark of style and class. Some types are worn at night to reduce glare while driving and are called shades.

Types & Styles

Sunshades or glasses come in a wide range of designs, categories, materials, shapes and types depending on the brand that has manufactured them. There are also prescription as well as non-prescription glasses that are tinted according to user preference.


They are categorized based on the intensity of their lens tint ranging from category 0 all through category 5, where 0 has the lowest tint intensity out of the lot. Category 2 and 3 are the most common types used while driving during the day. The shapes vary too and have little to do with visibility and more with aesthetics.

Shape & Styles

You can buy eyewear according to your face shape to suit you more and enhance your features. Most common shapes include round, rectangle, hexagonal, trapezoidal, aviator-style etc. 

Polarized Vs UV Protected Lens

While many think them to be the same, they are completely different from each other. Polarized is designed to reduce the glare of the sun, light, snow or water etc and may or may not contain any sun protection. UV shades are specially designed to protect your eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun that may cause cataracts or other eye disorders in the long run. The highest level of protection against the sun rays is UV400 protection. This ensures 100% blocking of harmful UV rays from the sun.

International Luxury Brands

A vast collection of premium quality imported sunglasses for men and women are available online at our website. The most loved brands are Ray-Ban, Oakley, Dior, Gucci, Persol, Police, Cartier, Prada, Carrera, Tom Ford, Chopard, Luxottica Group S.p.A. etc. Check them all out and find the best option that meets your needs and budgets.

Pakistani Brands 

Stylo, ECS, Metro Shoes, Khaadi etc are some leading brands of clothing and shoes in Pakistan that also sell good quality sunglasses at affordable prices in Pakistan. While most of them may not have UV protection, they do sell for their price and durability. Some however many local Pakistani opticians sell good quality UV protected glasses.

What to Look For?

When you buy sunglasses, price should not be a factor. While cheap options may cost you less money, they might not be of any real use. On the other hand, some inexpensive ones may provide full protection against the sun. So low price or high price doesn't mean high quality, it is the make and quality of the lenses that one should consider the most. Like the skin, the eyes need strong protection against the harmful rays of the sun and cheap quality lens material can do more harm than any good. Look for labels that say the glasses have UV400 protection. While glass lenses are considered chic, it is actually the polycarbonate lenses that are a better choice as they are impact-resistant and lightweight. Some people buy the darkest most lens thinking that it may give them the most protection against the sun. This is a misconception and UV protection only comes from lenses that have this factor integrated into them, regardless of the intensity of the lens tint.

Sunglasses Sale

Some online sellers also offer discount sales on eyewear and other products by multiple brands on our website. Check them out and keep visiting this page for special discounts and sale offers.

Price List

Model Price
Unisex Saffron Acetate Sunglasses Rs. 599
Vintage Round Screw Sunglasses Shades for men an… Rs. 199
Glasses Cleaner Microfiber Sunglasses Lens Phone … Rs. 89
Sunglasses Women Sun Glasses Luxury Rs. 299
TOM FORD TF001 Rs. 7,000
Sunglasses Big large oversized for ladies glasses… Rs. 198
RayBa.n Sunglass, Eyewear, Shades, Clubmaster3016… Rs. 3,999
YNG Gucci Ladies Grey Sunglasses Rs. 1,499
Tinted Double Bridge Sunglasses Rs. 1,199
Miniso Oversized Sunglasses Rs. 650
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