Super Asia Air Cooler

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Compare 31 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 21083 - Rs. 50500


Super Asia air coolers are well known in Pakistan, so much so that some of their models sell out. Air coolers are a cheaper way to keep your home or office cooler. These coolers work better for well-ventilated spaces and generally in areas that aren't too humid.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheap initial cost

  • Affordable to maintain

  • Environment-friendly


  • Humidity remains

  • Water needs to be changed


Advantages of Super Asia Air Coolers

Super Asia air coolers are some of the best locally produced units so much so that often they have a number of models sold out in the summer season. Used by many people to cool their homes and offices, this is a lot cheaper on initial cost, run and maintain over extended periods. Super Asia builds their air cooling units entirely out of plastic so there are lesser chances of getting electric shocks as plastic does not need to be earthed. The inclusion of water in an air cooler makes it more susceptible to the entire air cooler body being electrified if the body was metal. Super Asia uses a powerful copper motor in all their units to ensure smooth running and a long-lasting life.

Get the Most Out of Your Air Cooler

For an air cooler to run more efficiently it should be in a ventilated space. The dry heat wheater is more suited to this device as humidity means the evaporation process slows down as there is already a lot of vapour in the air. 

The water inside an air cooler should be changed semi-regularly. If this is not done it will become stale and eventually smell as well. That would be unhygienic. 

Sizes of Super Asia Air Coolers

Super Asia has air coolers in various sizes some hold 30 litres, some 60 litres, a step to 70 litres ahead to 75 litres and the largest ones have an 80-litre capacity. The latter is quite powerful and can handle a relatively large space. Super Asia also has an air cooling unit that is small and on a trolley which can easily be moved closer to a desk for more concentrated direct airflow. The larger air coolers have wheels under them too so you can move them around the room to position them depending on where people are and also if one wants to clean under the cooler making it easier to keep your home or office hygienic.


The prices of Super Asia air coolers are in the affordable range.

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The best price of Super Asia Air Cooler in Pakistan is Rs. 21,083 and the estimated average price is Rs. 30,811.

Price List

Model Price
Super Asia Air Cooler ECM4900 PLUS Rs. 29,000
Super Asia Air Cooler ECM4600 PLUS Rs. 27,700
Super Asia Room Cooler JC 777 Plus Rs. 25,408
Super Asia Room Cooler ECM-4800 Plus Rs. 27,000
Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 6000 Rs. 21,083
Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 6500 Rs. 22,165
Super Asia Air Cooler 5000 Plus Inverter Rs. 37,100
Super Asia Room Cooler ECM 5000 Rs. 21,083
Super Asia Room Air Cooler ECM-4900 PLUS Rs. 27,000