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Super Asia has electric and gas instant geysers, the sizes also vary so one can choose based on the need of their home or office. An instant geyser can provide an almost unlimited amount of hot water, starting as soon as you open the tap. The gas version is a lot cheaper to run in comparison to the electric option; there is even a combo model, in case one of the two sources is not available. Super Asia instant geysers are in the affordable ranges.


Super Asia instant geysers

Super Asia is based in Pakistan and has a range of household appliances, this includes instant geysers. A very convenient kind of geyser that continuously heats water as it passes through it. The heating process kicks in as soon as the tap is turned on and the geyser detects water movement from within. This also means that an instant geyser from Super Asia could warm almost any amount of water.

Compared to the storage geysers, an instant geyser is also a lot more compact making it easy to fit into a smaller space. There are two options when it comes to a power source, electric and gas. The electric one can also be fitted inside your washroom, while the gas one has to be installed outdoors due to possible leakages. The electric variant has IPX4 waterproofing ratings so the humidity does not damage it. The brand even has options that combine electricity and gas, this is very useful if one of the two is not available; one could quickly switch over and get their hot water.

The build is a single line weld and Super Asia instant geysers have enamel coating to keep them from rusting. Super Asia instant geysers also have safety features built into them; for instance, if the temperature inside the geyser rises too much it shuts off. As water pressure varies, there is a safety valve in case there is high hydraulic pressure. 


Which model you choose is a matter of the size of geyser you need and also your budget. If it will be supplying water to multiple bathrooms the larger geyser may be needed to keep everyone supplied with hot water. Electric instant geysers cost a lot more to run in comparison to the gas option. The price of a Super Asia instant geyser varies depending on the type and size, but generally, prices are in the affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Super Asia EH-616 Electric Water Heater Rs. 22,000
Super Asia Instant Geyser GH206 Rs. 22,000
I ZONE Instant Geyser Supreme ATL-R7GD2 - 10 Lit… Rs. 22,143
IZONE Instant Geyser Supreme Glass ATL-R7G Rs. 22,143
Super Asia Instant Geyser GH406 Rs. 22,500
Super Asia Water Heater GH206DI NG Rs. 22,500
Super Asia EH-614 Electric Water Heater Rs. 22,500
Super Asia Electric Water Heater EH612 Rs. 22,600
Super Asia GH 510 Instant Gas Water Heater Rs. 22,700
Ocean Semi Electric Geyser 60 Liter Rs. 22,800
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Compare 50 prices from 5 stores.

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