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A tool that has many various forms designed for the specific uses related to different kinds of surgeries. The price of a surgical scissor depends on the exact type, size and production brand.


Surgical Scissors

There are a lot of different types of surgical scissors, this is due to the fact that there are a lot of types which are designed for specific purposes. The differences can be in length, curvature, angles and sharpness. One can find configurations such as blunt/blunt blades, blunt/sharp blades or sharp/sharp blades.

The different types have names such as dissecting scissors, bandage scissors, tenotomy scissors, Metzenbaum scissors, plastic surgery scissors, operating scissors, iris scissors, Mayo scissors and more. Some such as the bandage scissors are for external use only. Certain designs have a spring mechanism as well to aid the cutting process if needed.

Surgical scissors are made from high-quality stainless steel and the better makes have tungsten carbide reinforcements along the cutting edge, this allows for it to be made even sharper. Depending on the need this is very useful as it allows smoother cuts and keeps the blade sharper for longer too.

Trauma shears would be considered a close cousin to surgical scissors and are very similar to bandage scissors in design, but are larger.


Other materials that are used for these scissors include zirconia ceramic, nitinol and titanium. Pakistan produces some of the very best surgical scissors, in fact, we even export them to countries such as Germany. That speaks volumes as Germany is known for producing some of the best steel and being one of the finest at machining tools.

The price of surgical scissors is from the lower to mid ranges, depending on the exact type, size and producer.

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