Swimming Goggles Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Swimming Goggles in Pakistan is Rs. 1,400 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,000.


The most important reason to wear goggles while swimming is to protect the eyes from damage. Swimming is considered the best form of low impact exercise, it can relax the muscles, help reduce body fat and is incredibly beneficial for muscle strengthening. There is a wide variety of goggles for swimming that will ensure salt and chlorine do not irritate the eyes and reduces redness making it easy to swim for longer.

Pros & Cons


  • Anti-fog lens

  • Comfortable silicone frame

  • Ergonomic design

  • Suitable for professional swimmers

  • UV protection

  • Stylish


  • Fogging might still be an issue

  • Easily lost when swimming in the sea of ocean

  • Must fit perfectly for optimum benefit otherwise becomes very irritating


Components & Functionality

Goggles are made from silicone material as it is lightweight and hypo-allergenic making it suitable for all skin types. The water-proof seal of the goggles is its true test of how effectively it can protect the eyes. The goggles protect the eyes from any UV damage when swimming in an open-air pool or open water body. Carbonate lenses are durable and will not break on impact creating a clear line of sight and panoramic angles that are great for competitive swimming. The lens is fog-resistant to help maintain clarity of vision in and outside water, especially when swimming the breaststroke or butterfly technique.


Goggles are great to help children feel comfortable underwater and boost confidence in beginner swimmers. It is recommended that young swimmers also be encouraged to swim without goggles to disseminate any unhealthy dependency on goggles. Helping them be able to swim without their goggles could save their life and reduce panic if ever caught in a drowning accident in the future. 

High Quality

Buying cheap goggles can be a bad idea as they could be a compromised design that can break easily. These cheaper quality pairs will have low quality plastic lenses that can lead to injuries. The perfect fit for a child is very important as this will ensure goggles do not slip off the face or suddenly on impact with the water hit the child in the eye causing panic and disorientation

Types of Goggles 

There are specially designed pool goggles that are stylish and have a large variety of shapes. The competitive swimmers will prefer comfort and flexibility in their pair of goggles to ensure they can maintain their focus under high pressure. The pool goggles outline only the eye area making them more hydrodynamic as compared to large lense goggles that look like snorkelling gear. Popular brands for swimming goggles are Speedo, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Rongberyuan and Zionor.

Price List

Model Price
Swimming Goggles Adult Kids Indoor And Outdoor Sw… Rs. 1,600
Swimming Goggles Adult Kids Indoor And Outdoor Sw… Rs. 3,000
Swimming Goggles Adult Kids Indoor And Outdoor Sw… Rs. 1,600
Swimming Goggles Adult Kids Indoor And Outdoor Sw… Rs. 3,000
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