T500 Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

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The best price of T500 Smart Watch in Pakistan is Rs. 1,650 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,581.


A smartwatch that makes it easy to track your health, some activities and sleep as well. The T500 Smart Watch can also help you make calls and screen notifications. This smartwatch is water-resistant so it can be worn through some rain and while washing hands. The price of the T500 Smart Watch is nominal, allowing most people access to smartwatch features for an affordable price.

Pros & Cons


  • Water resistant

  • Nominal price


Wearable technology adds a lot of efficient functions to one's lifestyle. The T500 Smart Watch is a smartwatch that is similar in design to the Apple Watch, with a square face and a touchscreen. The straps are rubber, which is good for comfort.

This smartwatch is water-resistant, which is a big plus in case of rain or if it gets wet while washing your hands. The rating is IP67, this does not mean you can swim with it though.

The T500 Smart Watch has various watch faces, one can choose the one they like. For activity trackers, one can make use of a mileage recorder, step counter and has multi-sports mode. There are also health trackers such as a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor and a sleep tracker. You can also make use of a calorie counter.

Your notifications become super easy to see and you can even screen calls without having to take your smartphone out. Aside from this alarms and reminders are convenient.

Another function is the ability to use the T500 Smart Watch as a camera remote connected to your smartphone's camera. 


The T500 Smart Watch is in a very nominal price range especially given all the functions. Naturally, the quality is nowhere near what a smartwatch from the major brands is like, but it can still be useful.

Price List

Model Price
T500 Smart Watch - Smart Watch For Mens - Smart W… Rs. 2,800
T500 plus smart watch 44mm with extra straps 100%… Rs. 2,699
T100 plus smart watch - T100 plus smart watch ser… Rs. 2,750
T100 plus smart watch - T100 plus smart watch ser… Rs. 2,750
Smart Watch T-500 Plus Pro Full Lcd Display Recta… Rs. 2,250
T500 smart watch Rs. 3,000
T500 smart watch series 5 Rs. 2,000
T500 Plus Bluetooth Call Smart Watch Rs. 2,700
T500 Plus Bluetooth Smart Watch - Black Rs. 2,290
T-500 Plus Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch LCD Display Rs. 2,250
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