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The best price of Table Tennis Racket in Pakistan is Rs. 717 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,806.


Table tennis is a fast game where each second counts. The table tennis racket is the player's basic tool to win with. A good racket can make all the difference during a rally. With rubber sides that have more or less spin control, or are able to propel the ping pong ball faster. Which racket works for you is a matter of personal choice.


Basic on a table tennis racket

A table tennis racket is commonly made from laminated wood, with rubber on both sides or one depending on the player's grip. Officially known as the table tennis 'paddle' by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Rubber differences

The two sides can have different kinds of rubbers. One side could have a heavy-spin rubber and the other a no-spin rubber. This allows players to change sides during play to respond to a shot more exactingly. By ITTF regulations the colours on the sides have to be different so the opponent knows which side is being used. Also, before the match opponents are allowed to inspect each other's racket to see type and colour. The rubber coating may be pimpled (pips) or have the pips inverted. Or it could be just plain black or red, with the variation in response provided by the quality of each rubber. There are also rackets that have a sponge layer before the outer layer of rubber is applied. Pips being outwards works in favour of reducing spin as there is lesser rubber in contact with the ball. Rubbers approved by the ITTF have their emblem along the base.

The more famous brand that is also a hit in Pakistan is Butterfly. Aside from Butterfly, some of the top brands include Stiga, DHS, Donic & Killerspin. 

Price List

Model Price
Stiga 5 Star Table Tennis Racket Rs. 4,500
Table Tennis Racket With 3 Balls - Red and Black Rs. 749
Table Tennis Racket Set Rs. 899
Table Tennis Racket Set with Three Balls For Kids Rs. 999
Favy Sports Dunlop Nitro 100 Table Tennis Racket Rs. 3,000
Table Tennis Racket Set with Three Balls For Kids Rs. 999
M Toys Champion Table Tennis Rackets Pair Rs. 2,461
Champion Table Tennis Rackets Pair With Net Balls Rs. 2,696
Favy Sports Dunlop Rage Predator 300 Table Tennis… Rs. 4,000
Favy Sports Butterfly Timo Boll 3000 Table Tennis… Rs. 7,000
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