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The best price of Tablespoon in Pakistan is Rs. 42 and estimated average price is Rs. 818.


The available tablespoon designs are in stainless steel, plastic and even tinted metals with gold finishing that can be purchased as a set of 6 and 12.


Eating Utensil 

Can be used with any dinner set as the simple colour matched with a variety of plates and bowls. There are special handcrafted engraving details that make tablespoon sets looks premium and fancy suited for dinner parties. Tablespoons are paired with forks, knives and teaspoons on the dinner table when hosting guests and are used to eat rice, soup and stew from deeper plates and bowls. 

Cooking Utensil 

The kitchen aid tablespoon is wider than traditional dinner spoons with a deeper semi-spherical shape that makes it easy to scoop larger quantities of food from the pot to serves into smaller plates. Also sold as a measuring tool these tablespoons are sold as one piece with a hole a the end of the handle to store near the stoves when cooking meals to precisely add spices to dishes. 

Price List

Model Price
High Quality 10 Pcs Measuring Cups And Spoons For… Rs. 165
6 Pcs Stainless Steel Table Spoon Rs. 720
Shiny Black Gold Table Spoon (6 Pcs) Rs. 1,999
Table Spoon Gold(Art 13) Rs. 990
ELEGANT Stainless Steel Table Spoon ( Lining) 1-P… Rs. 455
ELEGANT Stainless Steel Table Spoon ( Ubase) 1-Pi… Rs. 455
ELEGANT Stainless Steel Table Spoon ( WMF) 1-Piec… Rs. 455
Table Spoon Gold(Art 14) Rs. 890
Clear Cut Table Spoon 10s Rs. 42
Table Spoon Gold(Art 20) Rs. 720
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