Tablet Accessories Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Tablet Accessories in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,014.


Tablet Accessories are made to improve your experience with tablets or to keep them protected. One can find various stylus pens, screen protectors, keyboards, and more.


Tablets are a commonly used device today, with many brands producing them. Along with this a lot of brands produce tablet accessories.

There are accessories that improve your interaction with your tablet, such as stylus pens that let you write or draw. There are all kinds of options so one can choose the stylus that is compatible with their specific tablet and also is the design that fits their grip well.

The screens of tablets can get scratched or can also crack if you drop your tablet. To save you from both these issues one can get screen protectors. In case you like the texture of paper while you draw, there are also screen protectors with that kind of texture.

Most tablets come without keyboards so one can purchase one if they want the physical keyboard to type more easily. Some of these keyboards come as part of a cover, letting you close the tablet and keyboard like a book, making it a lot easier to carry around.

If you use your tablet on a table and need it to be propped up, there are all kinds of stands one can get. Stands come as part of covers as well so one can get a complete cover. Mounts are also a kind of tablet accessory that you can purchase. These can allow you to put your tablet up on a wall and save space on the table as well, letting you have a clutter-free space.

With concerns regarding privacy, you can also get a camera privacy cover. A smaller cover that sticks over the tablet's camera can be slid open.

There are other accessories as well that one can get such as chargers of different kinds and more.

Price List

Model Price
Aukey 15W Graphite Wireless Charger Pad ( LC-C6 ) Rs. 4,100
Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Bluetooth Ke… Rs. 5,899
Baseus Tank Gravity Car Mount Holder With Suction… Rs. 4,599
Universal Tablet Mobile Holder Rs. 1,000
Baseus Bipow Digital Display Power bank 10000mAh … Rs. 4,450
Baseus 2 In 1 Universal Stylus Touch Pen Capaciti… Rs. 2,999
Belkin CAT5e Ethernet Patch Cable Snagless, RJ45,… Rs. 4,599
Lenovo Power Bank 10000Mah Rs. 3,150
Battery For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rs. 2,850
Anker Black Power Bank Rs. 7,200
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