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The best price of Tablets in Pakistan is Rs. 0.31 and estimated average price is Rs. 657.


Tablets are very useful for creatives and people who may want to read or stream media. Many brands produce tablets, Apple has its iPadOS, Microsoft has their own Windows platform and almost everyone else is on the Android platform. There are various options when it comes to size. The price of a tablet is anywhere from the mid to high range.



A touch-based device that is often used by artists to draw on and by others for everyday use to stream media or read. There are a lot of tablets, with the Apple iPad being one of the first devices that cracked this segment in 2010. The iPad line is still one of the best options on the market. Other options are from brands such as Samsung, Microsoft, Xiaomi, Huawei and more. A lot of devices have a digital pen or stylus that can help one execute tasks. This is also the interfacing tool that artists use to draw on a tablet, similar to how one would use a pencil.

Tablets are slim and easily portable which also makes them convenient for use when one is travelling. If one does not have very heavy tasks to execute they could easily use a tablet to do their work when they are on the go. There are digital onscreen keyboards one can use, but a lot have the option to attach a sleek keyboard to the device, making it easier to type. Given that tablets are easy to use they have also been integrated into the education sector.

There are a lot of apps that can be downloaded from the various app galleries of the relevant devices. This gives users access to games, educational apps, office apps and a lot more. Many people also use tablets to read their E-books on given the sizes is almost near a page this is better than having to squint over a smartphone.

Tablet softwares, hardware and features

The main contenders are Apple's iPadOS, Microsoft uses their Windows OS and the largest platform is Google's Android. Android is considered a more open-source software which makes it is easy for other brands to make use of it. This is why a lot of brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi use it as their base and layer their User Interface onto it. 

Tablet softwares are designed to be streamlined so they can be used easily. The User Interface is made in a manner that there is less clutter, with quick access to basic settings.

As for the design most tablets have a volume rocker-button and a button to turn it on and off. Many feature a headphone jack although a lot don't as wireless devices become more common. There are generally speakers similar to smartphones as well, these are not very good with the bass as they are slim speakers set inside a small space. 

Tablets are built on the smartphone model, they are essentially large-sized smartphones. Many feature cameras especially since they are used to video conference. The processors are also the new age of processors devised for portable devices similar to the ones for smartphones. This also makes tablets useful for playing games as one can on smartphones.

Porting is generally just the one USB variant that is also used to charge the device.


There are a lot of options, the major difference being in sizes. All the various brands have multiple size options so one can choose the size that suits their personal usage and needs. The newer models are very powerful portable devices and some models such as the Surface Studio are near full computers that can take on heavy tasks.

A versatile device, having a tablet can add a lot of digital functionality to one's lifestyle. Tablets start at a mid-range price and go all the way up to a very expensive range. The price depends on the brand, specs, year of release and size of the tablet in question. 

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Model Price
Huawei Mate 20 Replacement Back Camera Lens Glass… Rs. 770
Nokia 8.1 SIM Tray Sim Jacket Sim Slot Sim Door F… Rs. 869
50pcs Universal Sim Card Tray Removal Eject Pin K… Rs. 1,000
Ezilax Tab 30s Rs. 1,185.94
Omega 3 Softgels Tab 2000mg 1x60s Rs. 3,600
MAXBON 70mg Tablet 10s Rs. 800
Margoun Universal Finger Grip Phone Holder Rs. 790
Maclacin tablet 500 mg 10’s Rs. 375
BIOAQUA Compressed Facial Tablet Face Sheet Mask … Rs. 479
Sitanext tablet 50/1000 mg 14’s Rs. 326.40
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