Tampax Applicator Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Tampax Applicator in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and estimated average price is Rs. 950.


Tampax is a brand of tampons that are easy to carry, super absorbent and ideal for athletic activity during the menstruation cycle. These can be carried discreetly in your purse without taking up any space at all. They do not cause any discomfort and are safe to wear for up to 8 hours at a time.


Design & Functionality 

The advanced technology built into tampons ensures that they are able to handle your period flow without any leakages or accidents. There are five different absorbencies to choose from starting with Light to Ultra that can accommodate all blood flow patterns in women. The popular product by Tampax is the Pearl series that have a LeakGuard Braid that is woven into the string attached to the tampon preventing any leaks. The tampon is completely free from any artificial dyes making it safe to insert into the vagina. There is FormFit design that can mimic the individual shape and size paired with a smooth removal soft layer that makes using tampons painless. 


Do not use a tampon for more than 8 hours in order to ensure the safety and health of your vagina and uterus. It can be worn to sleep as long as they are removed within the time mentioned. The CleanSeal Wrapper used to package each individual tampon is to provide easy disposal once used. Depending on your personal preference tampons are made in a variety of forms with the enclosing capsule being either cardboard, non-toxic plastic or super-compact mini tampons that can be used according to your daily needs. The advanced feature of a Textured Grip ensures that you are able to guide and control the tampon when inserting. A traditional box will have 28 or 36 tampons individually sealed in order to maintain their hygiene.

Product Range 

There is the Tampax Radiant and Pearl available in Regular, Super, Super Plus and Duo Pack. These can be bought according to your required absorbency to make it easier to stock up and store at home. 

Price List

Model Price
Tampax Compak Regular Applicator 18 Tampons Rs. 1,050
Tampax Cardboard Applicator Regular Tampons, 20-P… Rs. 850
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