Tang Orange Tub Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Tang Orange Tub in Pakistan is Rs. 495 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,447.


A naturally flavoured orange drink, Tang comes in various quantities and the tub is a larger size in case one has to serve more people.


The Tang Orange Tub is a larger container with Tang in it. This naturally flavoured orange drink can be had to feel refreshed. It takes mere minutes to be ready.

If you have a lot more people to serve the Tang Orange Tub is a good option. One should use a dry spoon whenever they are taking out the Tang otherwise it can get clumped together.

Tang can give one instant energy as it contains quite a lot of sugar, this is also why people who have sugar-related health issues should avoid it. It is a good source of vitamin C and calcium.

Price List

Model Price
US Tang Orange Tub 2500GM Rs. 1,971
US Tang Orange Tub 2500GM Rs. 1,971
Tang Orange 2.5 KG Tub Rs. 1,895
US Tang Orange Tub 2500GM Rs. 1,971
Tang Orange Tub 2500GM Rs. 1,499
Tang Orange Tub Rs. 495
Tang Orange Tub, 2.5 KG Rs. 1,700
Tang Orange Tub, 750g Rs. 600
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