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The best price of Tapal Tea in Pakistan is Rs. 120 and estimated average price is Rs. 366.


One of the most known brands in Pakistan that also originates from here. Tapal Tea has a few different varieties that cater to the vast number of people who like tea. The prices of Tapal Tea are affordable.


Tapal Tea

A brand that originates in Pakistan. Started in 1947, Tapal Tea is the brainchild of Adam Ali Tapal. The first outlet started in Jodi Bazaar in Karachi. Today Tapal Tea is exported to 20 countries. Tapal Tea is one of the leading brands in Pakistan, along with Broke Bond's Supreme and Lipton (both of which are owned by Unilever).

The different Tapal Teas

The most well known out of the collection is Tapal Danedar. 'Danedar' means granular, This is the premium quality made from Kenyan tea leaves. Tapal Family Mixture contains dust as well, which is the fine tea left over from the broken leaves. This helps bring about more colour in the tea while the larger bits add flavour.

Tapal Tezdum was designed to have a shorter brewing time while still being a strong cup of tea. There are two more qualities, one Tapal Mezban and Tapal Chenak. Both these have been blended for the Sindhi people. Mezban for a more widespread area while Chenak is specifically made to the taste for the people of Tahrparkar.


Tapal Tea is a quality product which is why it is among the favoured brands in Pakistan, a country that is quite vested in their drinking tea.

The prices of Tapal Tea are competitive.

Price List

Model Price
Buy Tapal Danedar 200g Round Tea Bags Rs. 616
Tapal Green Tea Lemon Grass Jar 100 gm Rs. 295
Tapal Danedar Elaichi Flavoured Tea. 95 Gm Pack. … Rs. 640
Tapal Danedar Enveloped Tea Bags Elaichi, 50-Pack Rs. 450
Tapal Danedar Black Tea Jar 450g Rs. 650
Tapal Gulbahar Green Tea 95Gm Rs. 150
Tapal Green Tea Elaichi 30 Tea Bags Rs. 195
Tapal Tea Family Mixture Jar 450g Rs. 609
Tapal Tea Family Mixture 475g Rs. 710
Tapal Tezdum Tea Pouch Rs. 634
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