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The best price of Taramira Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 95 and estimated average price is Rs. 438.


A very pungent and acrid oil that has more therapeutic uses than culinary. Rarely is it used in food due to its strong smell and flavour. The health benefits are many, from being good for hair and bones to being an anti-cancerous agent. Taramira oil is available for relatively lower-end prices in Pakistan.


Taramira Oil

Extracted from the seed of the arugula (Eruca sativa) plant, taramira oil is acrid with a very pungent smell; even more so than mustard seed oil. Taramira is also called Jamba oil in certain regions. The flavour is strong and has an afterburn similar to radish. 

The oil is full of different vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and carotenoids. The vitamins include vitamin-K, vitamin-A, vitamin-C and vitamin-B. This range of vitamins helps with bone health, fighting infections, cell growth and a healthy metabolic functions. The carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin help with muscular degeneration and protect from UV rays. The phytochemicals are antioxidants that tackle free-radicals in the blood, helping cleanse. 

The seeds it is extracted from are compacted into seedcakes which can be used to feed livestock.

Uses of taramira oil

Taramira oil is rarely used for cooking as the flavour is too strong. If at all it is, first it is aged to reduce the acridity. Some people also heat it up to a high temperature initially, let it cool, mix it with a bit of other oil and then use it for cooking.

One of the most regular uses of taramira oil is related to hair health. People who have dandruff, lice, weak hair or want to battle hair fall, all make use of it. When applied to the scalp it causes a burning sensation and it will take a strong wash to get the smell out of your hair.

Taramira oil is used on the skin if one has a breakout, dermatitis or psoriasis. It is also made use of in massages as the organosulphur compound allyl-isothiocyanate shows a calming impact. This compound is also known for its anti-cancerous properties, which is why the oil is considered as anti-melanomic. The compounds present are also known as anti-mutagenic and help the DNA from mutating which can lead to cancer as well. 

For bone health, the vitamin-K is very helpful. It extracts calcium from our diet and provides it to the bones. Staving off issues such as osteoporosis. The carotenoids are further useful for improvement of one's eyesight.

This oil is also an antibacterial and antifungal, killing off both. 


There are no known side effects of taramira oil although some people may have an allergic reaction to it. One needs to be careful while applying as it can cause the eyes to burn and tear up. In case some does get into your eye, wash it away with cold water. 

As this is a natural substance any of the positive effects take place after regular usage of the oil. It is not a one-time wonder fix but has to be made part of one's lifestyle for it to truly work. Smaller quantities can be consumed regularly to make use of the various benefits.

The price of taramira oil in Pakistan is relatively low.

Price List

Model Price
Hemani Taramira Oil 60ml Rs. 310
Taramira Oil (Edible) Arugula Seed Carrier Oil Ja… Rs. 199
SAC Taramira Oil - 30ml Natural Hair Oil Rs. 95
Rogan Taramera Oil 250ML Rs. 723
Haque Planters Taramira Oil Rs. 130
Taramira Oil - Arugula Seed Oil - 250ml Rs. 568
Haque Planters Taramira Oil Rs. 250
Taramira Oil - Arugula Seed Oil - 250ml Rs. 580
Hemani Taramira Oil 100ml (TIn) Rs. 650
Taramira Oil Rs. 199
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