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Tarang Milk is a tea whitening product that adjusts the colour of the brew also adding a richer, thicker and creamy volume creating a satisfying cup of tea that is convenient and easy to prepare.


Satisfying & Affordable 

The Tarang Milk tea-whitening preparation is simple, affordable and enhances the experience of drinking chai at home or office. The liquid does not change the flavour of the tea or coffee, unlike fresh milk that has its own unique taste depending on which dairy brand or fresh farm. Tarang Milk is designed for Pakistani tea complimenting the taste and being able to serve a group of people with one packet. 


It has multipurpose usage and can be added to coffee, shakes and smoothies for the whole family. It is available in both powdered and liquid form depending on your personal preferences. Tarang Milk products have a long shelf life even after opening the packet they do not need refrigerating. 


The liquid milk whitening formula contains vegetable palm oil instead of animal fat milk protein, sugar and water making it safe for human consumption and without any side effects.

Price List

Model Price
Dairy Omung Liquid Tea 220 ml Pack Of 27 Rs. 1,350
Tarang Liquid Tea Whitening 220 ml Pack Of 27 Rs. 1,350
Dairy Omung 27 x 225ml Rs. 1,440
Millac Milk Substitute 910g Rs. 1,450
Nurpur Original Full Cream Milk 24 x 250ml Rs. 1,750
Olper's Full Cream Milk 250ml Rs. 2,200
Cow & Gate Follow-On Milk 3 Rs. 2,550
Kirkland Organic Almond Milk Original 946ml Rs. 2,550
Olper's Full Cream Milk, 1500ml, 8 Piece Carton Rs. 2,960
Nayha Jehangir
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Compare 9 prices from 6 stores.

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