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The best price of Tea Trolley in Pakistan is Rs. 8,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,153.


An elegant way to serve guests, tea carts or trolleys come in multiple types and sizes. They are great for serving light snacks or drinks and the bigger ones can accommodate multiple food items and beverages simultaneously. You can buy the pre-assembled trolleys or the foldable variety that easily folds down flat in a jiffy and requires very little storage space. Tea trolley prices in Pakistan depend on the type, seller and size of the trolley. Read on for some tips on trolley setting and decor as well as suggestions on the best brands in Pakistan.


Pakistani ladies have mastered the art of serving guests in a sophisticated manner. From dinner gatherings, brunch, lunch or tea parties, everything involves delicious food and getting together with your loved ones. Owing to the hospitality and festive culture, exquisite dinnerware, tea sets and sophisticated looking tea trolleys are common items in every Pakistani household. Tea trolley is a serving table on wheels. It is not only for tea but is also used to serve other beverages and food items to guests or members of the house. 

Tea Trolley Types

While tea carts or trolleys can range from small to large sizes and can be round, rectangular, square or any shape, the best come with upper and lower shelves. They make it convenient and easy to place various food items in an elegant and organized manner. The most sought after type or design is a wooden tea trolley with glass shelves. It combines the aesthetics of glass and wood and adds a traditional touch to the setting.

Other types include wrought iron, foldable wooden, stainless steel, metal, glass or plastic tea trolleys etc. The foldable ones can be stored easily while not in use and don't take much space. They are great for everyday use or for casual guests. Mini versions of tea carts called a bed tray is a foldable small table without wheels for serving food in bed or on the floor. 

Tea Trolley Setting & Decoration

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to setting or decorating a serving trolley. For serving in a formal setting, you can use elegant looking crockery and cutlery and place them in an organized manner so that they don't look cluttered. Victorian style vintage tea trolleys or tea carts are made out of wood and glass and are partially covered on top for placing lace mats or coasters. If you are a fan of vintage decor you can buy one of those wooden Victorian tea carts and serve in silverware.

For informal and small settings, a round compact trolley is the most space-saving as well as easily manoeuvrable. For everyday use, foldable works the best and is also easily dismantled when not in use. 

Check out the best tea trolley prices in Pakistan and the tasteful designs sold online by multiple stores on our site. Most of them are above the 10K PKR mark but the casual looking ones can be bought for as low as 4k. The furniture experts Urban Galleria, Ikea, ChenOne, Habitt, and Interwood are some of the top-notch tea trolley sellers in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Kitchen Tea Trolley Rs. 19,800
Kitchen Tea Trolley Rs. 19,600
Kitchen Tea Trolley Rs. 24,750
Extendable Kitchen Tea Trolley Rs. 26,500
Kitchen Tea Trolley Oval Rs. 24,500
Kitchen Tea Trolley Rs. 18,800
Kitchen Tea Trolley Rs. 24,500
Kitchen Tea Trolley Round Rs. 21,500
Kitchen Tea Trolley Rs. 23,500
Euro Gold Kitchen Tea Trolley Ash Wood Rs. 23,600
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