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Overview is one of the many online stores in Pakistan, set aside by their direct sourcing of goods from warehouses abroad. Giving people access to products that they would otherwise not be able to buy locally. The high-end products they bring in are very expensive, the variations in prices all depend on exactly what you want to buy from them.


There are many online shopping sites in Pakistan, is one such site. With a slightly different approach than the normal, this website has a diverse catalogue that includes many international brands. is the first to import products directly from its warehouses in the UAE and USA. Giving people access to products that may not be available in the open market or online. Due to this reason, they have a lot of electronic products that are not used commonly such as turntables or night-vision. offers deals, which are discounts on many of the products available on their site. 

Deliveries for anything above Rs. 4900 is free all over Pakistan. With delivery times at 8 to 12 days. 

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