Tezraftaar Auto Rickshaw Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Tezraftaar Auto Rickshaw in Pakistan is Rs. 299 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,012.


Tezraftaar is one of the best auto rickshaw manufacturing companies in Pakistan. Perhaps one of the most economical and fastest ways to travel within a city is an auto-rickshaw in Pakistan. If you are someone who would like to buy one, you can check tezraftaar auto rickshaw prices in Pakistan on our page and buy the best option that suits your needs and budget. There are also used and second hand tezraftaar auto rickshaw options on our page as well as 6/10 seater rickshaw pick up and loaders.


Autorickshaws in Pakistan

Thousands of people drive autorickshaws in Pakistan to feed their families, and it is their main source of income for generations. It is more popular than other cab vehicles as buying an autorickshaw is much cheaper than buying a taxi or other transport vehicle. Also, the maintenance cost isn't much either. Anyone who can ride a motorbike can easily drive a rickshaw and make money out of it. Due to the narrow and compact body of the vehicle, it is pretty lightweight and easy to drive.

Also, it can be parked in narrower places where a car or a bigger vehicle cannot fit. The only downside to owning or riding an autorickshaw is the noise that it makes and the controversy surrounding the not very environmentally friendly nature of this 2 stroke vehicle.

Tezraftaar Auto Rickshaw Features

The basic 3 seater auto rickshaw variety by Tezraftaar comes with a front tyre that is covered with a metal or plastic hooded nose. The windshield has one manual wiper and the rickshaw has two rearview mirrors and indicator lights

1. 4-stroke engine type

2. 200cc engine displacement

3. Spacious 3-wheeler tricycle car

4. Seating capacity for 3 persons

5. Mechanical leather front brake

6. Hydraulic disc type rear brakes

7. Single headlight

Tezraftaar Auto Rickshaw 6 or 10 Seater 

These spacious rickshaws are mostly used as a school van or for transporting more people at the same time. The seating is either face to face or back to back depending on the design. These are a great option for bigger families who would like an affordable means of travelling within the city.

Tezraftaar Auto Rickshaw Loader 

The loader variety is for transporting cargo from one place to another and is not for passengers. This variety has a loading capacity of 2000 kg with a 6 to 7 feet long body. These loaders come with a ceiling and a windshield that protect the driver against rain, wind and dust. The windshield has a single manual wiper. The newer variety also has manual as well as self start options and come with bigger batteries.

Warning & Comments

If you would like to invest in an autorickshaw, make sure to buy the 4 stroke Tezraftaar autorickshaw variety as Punjab Government on and off puts a ban on 2 stroke vehicles. The reason for the ban is that they don't efficiently burn fuel and emit harmful pollutants and gases. This adds to air pollution and can be extremely dangerous for the environment. The Government has encouraged autorickshaw manufacturers to produce environmentally safe CNG based 4-stroke engines so that people can breathe in cleaner air. 

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Baby Car, Kids Car, Auto Rikshaw toy, baby toy Rs. 299
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AR Traders Battery Operated Auto Rickshaw Toy wit… Rs. 799
Musical Electric Tricycle Auto Rickshaw Toys For … Rs. 1,050
Musical Electric Tricycle Auto Rickshaw Toys For … Rs. 799
Bump & Go Auto Rickshaw Toy with Sound & Flashing… Rs. 1,250
Baby Car, Kids Car, Auto Rikshaw toy, baby toy Rs. 299
Auto Rickshaw toy for kids play Rs. 349
Musical Electric Tricycle Auto Rickshaw Toys For … Rs. 999
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