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The best price of Throw Pillow in Pakistan is Rs. 599 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,534.


Throw pillows are used on sofas, chairs and beds to add some style and also functionality. There are a lot of different possible shapes and designs available to choose from. The price of throw pillows varies from the lower end to the mid-range.


Throw pillows are used for an aesthetic purpose as well as a functional one. They are generally used to tie in the colours of the sofa set or room. They also give a casual feel to the seating arrangement and can be used for lumbar support or to rest one's head on in case they are lying on the couch. A lot of throw pillows come with soft fluffy textures on top as well so they are comfortable to the touch. 

The reason they are known as throw pillows is due to them looking like they have been thrown onto the sofa, armchair or even the bed.

Throw pillows come in different shapes such as tubular, square, circular and more. The opening is generally concealed under a lip so the zipper is not in the way. The inside can be full of a fluffy synthetic material or microbeads, one can choose the kind based on the feel they prefer.

The outer layer is often cotton but can be leather or synthetic materials as well.


Throw pillows often come in sets of two or more. The prices vary depending on the size and brand, ranging from the lower end to the mid-range.

Price List

Model Price
Batman Throw Pillow Cushion - تکیہ Rs. 700
Relaxsit (Pack of 5) Quilted Leather Decorative T… Rs. 3,890
45x45cm Audrey Hepburn Pattern Throw Pillow Case … Rs. 755
Relaxsit (Pack of 5) Quilted Leather Decorative T… Rs. 3,890
SuperSoft Teal Quatrefoil Throw Pillow Rs. 799
SuperSoft Shades of Pink Geometric Throw Pillow Rs. 799
Smoky Cubes Throw Pillow Set of 6 Rs. 4,499
SuperSoft Hot Pink Flamingo Throw Pillow Rs. 799
SuperSoft Parrot in Forest Throw Pillow Rs. 799
SuperSoft Colorful Triangles Throw Pillow Rs. 799
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