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The best price of Tiger Balm in Pakistan is Rs. 240 and estimated average price is Rs. 475.


A well-known ointment that is mainly used for muscle and joint pains. There are also other uses such as opening a stuffy nose or helping with a headache. Tiger Balm is available at a low price and is known for being effective.


Haw Par Corporation

Though the recipe for the world-famous balm originates from China the initiation of what we know as Tiger Balm today started in Burma. Aw Chu Kin a herbalist from the Chinese Emperor's court set up a medicine shop called Eng Aun Tong in Rangoon, in the late 1870s. After his passing, the business was left to his two sons Aw Boon Haw (meaning ‘gentle tiger’) and Aw Boon Par (meaning ‘gentle leopard’). The Haw Par Corporation is an amalgamation of their names. The brothers took the business to Singapore and successfully sold their ointment to surrounding countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Thailand and various cities in China. Aw Boon Haw was the marketing genius who named the product Tiger Balm.

Types of Tiger Balms and ingredients

To keep it simple there are two basic types. Easy to differentiate via their colour, one Tiger Balm is red and the other is white. The original recipe is the red one, with camphor, menthol, cajuput oil, dementholised mint oil and clove oil. The white is made from the same but with slight variations in percentage. Tiger Balm red is the more potent one, Tiger Balm white being slightly milder and the difference in ratios also changes the uses for both a bit.


Tiger Balm red works well for muscle pains, joints pain, arthritis, rheumatism and back pain. Tiger Balm white is useful for muscle and joint pains, running noses and mosquito stings. Over the years people have made more use of the balms, which are not exactly tested under supervision and are more DIY. The balms have been used for many things including toenail fungus, headaches, minor burns, warts and poor blood circulation.

As with all things related to medicine, it is important to check with a doctor before using them. At times people have reactions to Tiger Balm such as a rash perhaps. One should not cover with a heat or cold pack, or even a bandage after application. Tiger Balm has proven effective for over a hundred years and is a very nominally priced product for all its uses.

Price List

Model Price
Tiger Balm White Ointment, 19.4g Rs. 595
Tiger Balm Plaster-RD Rs. 550
Tiger Balm Rs. 627
TIGER BALM (Red) – Indian Rs. 300
Tiger Balm Red Ointment, 19.4g Rs. 595
TIGER BALM (White) – Indian Rs. 240
Tiger Balm White Herbal Muscles Ointment Pain Rel… Rs. 420
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