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The best price of Tiles in Pakistan is Rs. 325 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,321.


Tiled homes, offices and outdoor spaces give a neat and clean look and also enhance the beauty of the living spaces. They are also used to cover rooftops, walls, counters or tabletops etc. Check out tiles prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Types & Finish

You can buy tiles in a matte or glossy finish and they come in ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, metal, resin, stone, marble, mosaic, terracotta, baked clay and glass types. Depending on the type of décor you want, you can select from mosaic tiles, wood look tiles etc.

Marble tiles are a great option if you want an instant elegance and character to the space. These can be patterned or veined and come in beautiful colours. Ceramic is the most affordable and durable of the lot and are also amongst the most commonly used tiles for homes, kitchens and bathrooms etc.

Porcelain is another of the most common or affordable options. It doesn’t require much maintenance and can emulate wood, natural stones and brick. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, colours and styles without worrying about them fading or cracking.

Tiles for Homes & Offices

Some homes or offices tend to get extremely hot in the summers due to their location and surrounding. It gets difficult to cool the space down if there are no tall trees around the house that provide shade. Even high powered air conditioners take a lot of time to function as the walls and roof absorb heat throughout the day and interfere with the ACs cooling.

These days Air Conditioned Rooftop Tiles are quite popular for such setups. They keep the roof cool and reflect the sunlight rather than absorbing the heat. This, in turn, drops the temperature inside the house to a greater degree and makes living more comfortable.

Tiles can be also be installed on the kitchen counters, floors or walls depending on the décor you prefer. The idea is not only aesthetics but the durability and longevity of the kitchen counters or floor as water and moisture are involved.

Outdoor spaces like the patio, terrace, balconettes, entryways and porch etc can be tiled in a variety of colours and materials. Other than that you can get high-quality tiles at the best prices in Pakistan from our page for the following areas of the house.

1. Bathroom Tiles

2. Flooring Tiles

3. Ceiling Tiles

4. Outdoor Tiles

5. Tiles for Walls

6. Rooftop Tiles

7. Fireplace

8. TV place

Tips & Comments

Tiles are an important part of interior designing and can instantly transform the look and feel of the living spaces. While buying tiles, keep in mind that vitrified tiles are the best option for flooring while ceramic and porcelain are great for walls.

Vitrified is a type of ceramic tiles that is resistant to water and frost due to its very low porosity. They are extremely durable and can withstand all types of weathers and high traffic without getting stained, cracked etc an will give you a lifespan of a good 15 to 20 years.  Only the grout needs to be resealed every year or two to avoid the tiles looking dirty.

Price List

Model Price
Hoteche 423503 600mm Heavy Duty Tile Cutter Rs. 10,520
Ingco Tile cutter HTC04600 Rs. 6,759
PRESCOTT PT-2416501 32" Tile Cutter Rs. 12,830
PRESCOTT xxxxxxx 40" Tile Cutter Rs. 17,420
Total THT-576004-B Tile Cutter Blade Rs. 490
Total THT-576004 Tile Cutter Rs. 7,340
Total THT-578004 Tile Cutter Rs. 17,010
Tile Suction Cup Lifter for Moving Glass, Window Rs. 4,999
Total THT-578004 Tile Cutter Rs. 17,010
Hoteche P805105 Tile Cutter 7"(180mm) Rs. 18,630
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