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One of the famous watch brands in the world, Timex has many different men's watches. The range allows for everyone to pick something they like. Timex men's watches are competitively priced, actually belonging to the nominally priced range as far as watches go. The quality is somewhat better than the price they are for. Some specific more premium models cost higher rates.


Timex Group B.V.

A brand that has been around a long time, initially under a different name. Brass manufacturers Benedict & Burnham created the Waterbury Clock Company. In 1941 it was bought by Fred. Olsen & Co., a Norwegian shipping corporation. The name was changed once. before Thomas Olsen renamed it as Timex, a portmanteau of Time, referring to the magazine and Kleenex, the well-known tissue brand.

Interestingly Timex also helped with the missile race of the 50s, by developing gyros that were used in the guidance systems. This was due to the fact that the brand was working on electronic technologies to improve their watches.

The Timex men's watch range

Over the years Timex has developed multiple lines of watches for men. Most of their designs are simplistic, making them neat. With the different lines making use of different materials. The sporty range has plastics, while the diving range is made from metal. The diving watches are under the Navi line. Timex men's watches also have a celestial-themed line. Keeping retro styles alive they have the Timex T80 variety, with the squarish designs from the 80s. The more classic styles go under the Waterbury line.

Their outdoor watch range is known by the Expedition tag. Working with IRONMAN, the world-famous triathlon, Timex has made watches that track one's fitness data; similar to what a FitBit does. The newer models in this series are similar to a smartwatch, so they have more functionality than before. Another watch which is interesting is the one for kids to stay connected with parents. Allowing a parent to message them, call and also see their location.

There are many designs, with many individual options for features and themes. The Timex brand has also made watches with other brands such as Guess, Versace, Ferragamo, Nautica and many more.


One of the most famous features that was and still is available in a lot of Timex men's watches is Indiglo, which lights up the whole dial with an electroluminescent light so one could easily look at the time. The brand has sponsored many things and people over time, but one of the most notable is Conrad Anker, the mountaineer.

Timex has maintained its reputation for decades, providing quality watches that also look good at reasonable prices.

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