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The best price of Toilet Paper in Pakistan is Rs. 960 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,250.


A different form of tissue paper that is used in the toilet. The difference being that toilet paper is in a roll form. This makes it easy to use via a dispenser in the bathroom. There are many different brands and some have better, softer toilet paper. The price varies a bit, but generally toilet paper is an affordable product.


Toilet Paper

A tissue paper in the form of a roll that has perforations to rip small pieces of easily is a toilet paper. It is used in the toilet after one is done defecating or urinating. Most toilet papers today are designed to decompose easily so it does not clog up the drains or otherwise survive long once it is discarded.

Toilet paper comes in various plies. Each layer is known as a ply, so a two-ply version will have two layers. The more plies it has the more durable and absorbent it is. Toilet paper from different brands has different texture and some even have printed patterns on them. Other versions can be perfumed or moistened.

Perfumed toilet roll can aggravate the skin if one has sensitive skin.

Environmental concerns and more

A tree can produce about 200 rolls. Global consumption averages are at about 27,000 trees a day. This is a worrisome number and people should be careful not to waste it or use more than needed.

Some brands use recycled old newspapers as part of their raw material but this is dangerous as it contains BPA which is an endocrine disruptor. 


The softer a toilet paper is the more it costs, as to make it softer adds on the cost. The raw material defines how the end product feels and cheaper brands use some recycled paper pulp mixed into their raw material.

In Pakistan, one of the most commonly used brands is Rose Petal.

Price List

Model Price
The Drawing Room-High Quality Rectangular Beaded … Rs. 2,399
Tissue Dispenser/tissue Paper Dispenser, Tissue R… Rs. 3,279
Privacy Glass / Window Film Frosted Paper / Windo… Rs. 6,000
The Drawing Room-High Quality Rectangular Beaded … Rs. 2,399
The Drawing Room-High Quality Rectangular Beaded … Rs. 2,399
(pack Of 10) Wbm Toilet Tissue Roll 2 Ply - 230s … Rs. 2,489
Pvc Waterproof glass Door Sticker For Home Bathro… Rs. 3,000
Wall Mount Bathroom Tissue Storage Box Punch Free… Rs. 1,200
Pack Of 2 Rope Holder For Toilet Paper and Towel … Rs. 999
VRH Toilet Paper Holder (FBVHR-V104BS) Rs. 2,619
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