Toilet Seat Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Toilet Seat in Pakistan is Rs. 250 and estimated average price is Rs. 22,538.


Having a toilet seat prevents contact of the skin with germs and bacteria living inside the toilet bowl. Toilet seats can crack and break if too much pressure is applied on them, this will require quickly replacing it with a new seat readily available on Shopsy.


Sanitary & Safe 

We often share the toilet which can result in a rapid increase in bacteria and germs in order to ensure the toilet bowl remains sanitary a toilet seat is placed on top. The toilet seat can create distance between any whiplash of excrement and urine expelled into the toilet. The plastic or wood enamel used to create the toilet seat is non-toxic and hypoallergenic that makes it safe to be used by kids and adults. 

Toilet Lid 

There is a second layer attached to the toilet seat that is a lid to protect the bowl and seal it so that no insects, cats, dogs, pests or rodents enter keeping it clean and safe to use at all times. The toilet seat lid can contain the splash droplets from leaving the toilet by keeping it closed during flushing. This will prevent bacteria from being splashed on the walls or on your toothbrush or skin. The toilet seat lid is as essential as the toilet seat.  

Size Fitting 

Measure the toilet bowl before buying a toilet seat separately so that it is the perfect fit and can provide the correct coverage you need for your commode. There are plenty of colours to choose from but mainly white toilet seats are sold separately in case you want to replace a broken or cracked seat.

Price List

Model Price
{Green} Toilet Brush And Holder Set - Hygienic Ba… Rs. 799
{Pink} Toilet Brush And Holder Set - Hygienic Bat… Rs. 799
Commode / Toilet Seat Cover Rs. 1,260
{Blue} Toilet Brush And Holder Set - Hygienic Bat… Rs. 799
Purple Toilet Seat With Diamante Detail Rs. 4,543
Porta HD44N Two Piece commode with hydraulic seat… Rs. 28,000
{Blue} Toilet Brush And Holder Set - Hygienic Bat… Rs. 799
Marachi MA-2051 Commode With Hydraulic Dual Fitti… Rs. 45,180
Premier Home Toilet Seat - Purple (1604098) Rs. 7,573
Porta FH018 Toilet Seat for HandiCap Rs. 16,650
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