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The best price of Tooth Brush in Pakistan is Rs. 0.28 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,921.


A toothbrush is used to keep one's teeth and mouth clean. Toothbrushes are usually made from plastics, with some that are made from bamboo to mitigate the environmental impact of plastic. There are a lot of brands that produce toothbrushes. The prices vary depending on the specific type, generally, toothbrushes are not expensive unless they are electric.



Oral hygiene is crucial to health and social interaction, the toothbrush is the foremost tool that is used to maintain it. Used alongside toothpaste, which is kind of the polish and antibacterial needed to keep one's mouth clean. This orifice is one of the most germ-laden parts of the human body, which is why it needs to be cleaned well regularly.

Toothbrushes have been around since ancient times, with the modern form belonging to the Tang Dynasty in China around the year 618. These older toothbrushes were made from horse or hog hair set into an ox bone handle. Other countries imported them from China.

The first mass-produced toothbrush was made by William Addis in 1780; his brand still exists today and is known by Wisdom Toothbrushes. Over time the ox bone was swapped with wood and latter with plastics in the 1900s. The bristles are also made from nylon today, for most toothbrushes.

Kinds of toothbrushes

One can find different head sizes for the brush, kids have smaller mouths and there are toothbrushes made specifically for them. The shape and angle of the head can also vary, with some that have bristles that are angled as well. There are many claims of these features helping the process.

The hardness of the brush bristles is also an important consideration. hard bristles are better at removing plaque but put undue stress on the gums. Soft bristles may be easy on the gums but are not as effective at cleaning. The medium harness is more ideal as it covers both aspects. If one has a more specific need they can opt for the relevant hardness.

There are also electric toothbrushes that have a small spinning brush, this can aid in the cleaning process making it easier to scrub one's teeth. There are some studies that show that electronic toothbrushes are better at removing plaque and help with gingivitis as well.

Care while brushing

One brushes near a sink as the toothpaste is made from materials that are bad for one's health if swallowed in larger quantities. The toothpaste needs to be spat out.

While brushing one should avoid going over the neck of their teeth horizontally as it can damage them. Brushing should be done gently and one should also brush the back of their tongue as that portion often goes missed.

Flossing goes along with brushing teeth if one wants to maintain superior oral health.


Today there are a lot of brands that are producing toothbrushes with bamboo handles as the plastic waste from toothbrushes is monumental in quantity. All this ends up in landfills and will remain there for the foreseeable future of mankind.

One should brush a minimum of twice per day, anything more would be dependent on ones routine.

Toothbrushes are available for various prices, some brands are cheaper while others cost more. Electric toothbrushes cost more, naturally as they have components and a battery. The most famous brand for toothbrushes is Oral-B, other brands include Colgate, Sheild, Arm & Hammer and many more. 

Price List

Model Price
Wet Brush Hair Brush Detangler Wave Tooth Comb (P… Rs. 1,495
Curaprox CS 5460 Ortho Single Pack Tooth Brush Rs. 850
Curaprox CS 3960 Super Soft Single Pack Tooth Bru… Rs. 850
Nuby Toothbrush 3 Pcs - Gr... Rs. 1,665
Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Tooth Paste 75g… Rs. 140
Colgate Tooth Brush-360-sensitive Rs. 165
Sonic Toothbrush Rs. 6,000
Pursonic S52 Portable Electric Toothbrush Pink Rs. 3,249
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