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The best price of Towels in Pakistan is Rs. 269 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,593.


A much needed item, all households and offices need towels. Towles are available in many sizes and also with a lot of variety in colour and pattern. The price of a towel depends on its size, quality and brand. Towels can be bought for lower-end prices all the way to expensive rates.



An accessory about as old as civilization, towels have existed in many different forms over time with the function of drying people after a shower, washing hands or faces. The modern iteration is thought to have originated in Bursa, Turkey. This Turkic towel called a 'peshtemal' is made by weaving cotton and was used in Turkish bathhouses. During the 18th century, the loops sticking out became a regular feature to improve absorption. The reason cotton was used because it has longer fibres that open up with usage, making for better absorption. Even today the more high-quality towels are made from cotton. Another reason is that cotton is not abrasive against one's skin.

One can find towels in many sizes, there are larger ones that can wrap around the whole body. Smaller ones than that which are easy to pack. There are towels made specifically to dry one's hands or face after a wash. A lot of towels can be bought in a set that includes these different sizes.

The material is mostly cotton but some brands use a blend. Towels are available in many different colours and with any number of patterns. Hotels are one of the largest consumers of towels and some even install an RFID tag into their towels so they are not stolen by guests.

Towles are also used during sports to help wipe sweat. This is very often seen in tennis matches, where towels are also thrown by players into the crowd as mementoes.


Cotton being a large part of the agricultural sector in Pakistan has led to the country producing a lot of towels. One of the brands that produces very high-quality towels is ChenOne. The price of towels varies a lot depending on the quality and brand, one can find very nominally priced towels and also expensive ones.

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Model Price
Attapeu Yarn Dyed Stripes Style Bath Towel Rs. 949
Harcourt Stripes Style Bath Towel Rs. 949
Salavan Premium Yarn Dyed Stripe Style Bath Towel Rs. 949
Khoua Lining & Stripes Style Bath Towel Rs. 949
Zilver Coat Hook Rs. 1,955
Bath Towel - 0250014... Rs. 1,592
Mizaj Mellow Yellow Bath And Hand Towels Set Of 2… Rs. 1,124
Faisal Sanitary 4103 Elegant Metal Towel Ring (Ch… Rs. 1,534
Bath Towel - 0250036... Rs. 2,241
Bath Towel - 0250036... Rs. 2,241
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